вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

aikodestiny: 'S Wonderful, and all that follows

Aaaaah, tired, tired. Real life is doing good, which of course means less and less internet time. And I think I'm talking more than I used to, but on the downside I don't feel like blogging any more because I've already told the same story to everyone and their dog already. For example, this afternoon we were talking about a children's book on Math that I read ages ago, since I found out that lots of people in my course read it too. Must be a mind-control thing: you read the book, you're gonna study Math. Anyway the guy sitting in the row below me turned and said "Hans Magnus Enzensberger", and both me and Irene went all... o.O what?
So he said it again, and then said it was the author of the book we were talking about. Aside from the fact that he was listening to a private conversation... and while I have no dirty secrets that I should hide from the world, I say some pretty stupid things and I'd rather not everybody found out how much stupid... having someone turn at you and say something like "humma whumma hamburger" is just too funny. Only it's not funny now because I've told the story thrice already and it's getting old, but it was fun at the time. Trust me.
Moving on to serious things... courses are going well, though I hate English. I'm planning not to attend the lessons, and hopefully what I know will be enough to pass the exam. I know that I won't buy a copy of the book (unless it's second-hand and cheap) since it was written by our professor and I'm not giving her money from royalties.
I got the scholarship letter today. Well, yesterday actually, but nobody was home so I had to go to the Post Office to get it. The lady who gave it to me was kind of... durr... perplexed. Asked me if the letter was for me, if I was of age, if I had an ID... I always do, I *know* I don't look my age. Then she reads the sender's address (it's a very posh name, national institute for the study of mathemathics... or something like that) and goes all "ooooh, Math"... I told her that I was studying Math and she sounded impressed. I hate when people do that, it makes me sound as if I'm some kind of trained horse who can do number tricks. Maybe everyone in my course *is* a freak (Hans Magnus Enzensberger, no?) but... whatever. So she gives me the letter and asks if I have good marks at school. I don't know if the poor woman still didn't believe I'm a uni student and tried to persuade herself that I was a high schooler in disguise. So I told her I was just on my first year but hoped to do ok, and got home.
What else? I'm still having lunch with Paola and Irene (and Paola's roommate Giulia and today another friend of theirs whose name I can't remember for the life of me - yes, I fail at names). So I half-solved my lunch problem. Apart that... uhm... I'll have to remember that they fail at making coffee. Chronically.
And the 7th season of Gilmore Girls is on at long last - I watched episodes 3 and 4 today, and I luff Lorelei and Christopher. Anyone who spoils me is DED.

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