вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.


You know what
To hell with it all
I'm done helping people
Not that anyone has denied my advice or help or anything like that
But I realized that most people don't even try to look on the bright side to cope with their problems with a positive attitude
So most of them deserve the discomfort they get
Not saying my life is horrible or anything
But with the way the girls have been acting lately, their mother constantly calling to try to fuck things up,
The social worker or whatever screwing us over in more ways than we can count, the end of all this court crap on the line this month,
Being a lazy bum with no friends and barely even communicating with his family because they're busy enough with the other shit going on, worrying about doing my best in these classes so I an enjoy the rest of my life
And tons of other stuff, and still be more happy and positive than most people in todays world
Theres something seriously fucked up here
I don't see how people can fret so much for so long about losing a boyfriend/girlfriend that they've been with for just a few months
Grow up, its not the end of the world and its not like you're going to be alone forever
Theres plenty of other people good enough for you out there
And these people who have tons of friends and complain how one of them has "stabbed them in the back"
Stop labeling things and something its not
So they lied or said something about you to someone when you weren't all ears
Once again, grow up and stop acting like a child
Only small children wine about people making fun of them or something
Stop saying you're ugly, stop saying you're fat, stop saying you're lonely, stop saying your life is horrible, stop saying you have no friends, stop saying you're treated so badly, stop saying you hate your parents, stop saying they treat you like shit, stop saying the world is out to get you, stop saying you have no friends, stop saying you're sad, stop saying you're depressed, stop saying you have it rough, stop saying the pain wont stop, stop saying your heart is broken, stop saying you want to die, stop saying the world would be better off without you
Stop being so goddamn dumb

Learn to be happy and deal with your problems in a positive manner
I know it sounds hard, but you can do it
Its not hard at all
Its called not being a sissy about every single thing in life
Its called being a better person to yourself and those around you

I may sound like an asshole or selfish or something
But being around a positive person with self pride and respect is better than being around someone who just bitches about wanting to die all the time
What sounds better
"Wow, I actually think I've lost a few pounds. Hot shit, and today is a beautiful day out and I'm extremely happy for no reason, lets go meet some cool people"
"Today sucks, its just another day that I'm still here alive and breathing. I miss so and so. He/shes gone and now I just want to die. I'm so ugly and fat"

Get a fuckin clue.

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