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softly_sweetly: Fic: 'What Neville Did' 9/10 KS/NL NC17

Title - What Neville Did
Author -
Beta - Thank you!
Rating - NC17
Word Count - 852
Characters/Pairings - Kingsley/Neville
Warnings - Highlight for warnings *Adult Language, Slash, Voyeurism, Wall!Sex, Frottage*
Disclaimer - I own nothing but the plot lines. I make no money from this, and mean no offence by any scene depicted within this story. All characters depicted in sexual situations herein are above the age of consent.
Summary - Neville and Kingsley make the ultimate commitment to each other – they go into business together
Author's Notes - This fic is told using the prompts from my table, which can be found here Missed the beginning? Go here to play catch up. Prompt 2 – Voyeurism Taking a deep breath, Neville pushed open the door and smiled as he was engulfed in the laughter and voices of his friends. This had been Kingsley's idea – a shop-warming party before they put the stock out and opened up for real. And Neville had to admit, nerves aside, it was a good one. Their shop would be opened on a wave of high spirits, on the memory of their friends and family laughing and chatting, drinking butterbeer and skittles-vodka shots, eating canapés and sweets. As he moved through the room talking with people he knew, Neville felt his apprehension slide away. He and Kingsley had worked hard for this, and they'd be all right. Everything would be all right, and if he repeated that silent mantra enough, then eventually the last little ball of worry would fade away and Neville would truly be happy. As he was talking to Hermione about her job in the Ministry's law department, he felt strong arms slide around his waist, and watched as Hermione smiled softly and excused herself. As soon as they were stood alone, soft lips found that one spot on his neck that had Neville humming in ecstasy, and attacked it with fervour. He moved his hands to rest over Kingsley's and smiled, enjoying the attention for another minute or so before finally pulling away and turning to face his lover. "Enjoying yourself?" Hazel eyes lit up, and Kingsley nodded softly. "Very much. Even more so with you in my arms." Neville smiled and moved closer to Kingsley, smiling as they began to move to the beat of the music, swaying gently together until they were interrupted by George yelling across the room. "Oi, Nev! Alcohol's getting low!" Shaking his head in exasperation, Neville shook his head and leant up to kiss Kingsley softly. "Better go be a good host. We'll enjoy ourselves when they're all gone, okay?" Kingsley nodded, spanking Neville softly on the arse as his lover walked past him and towards the cellar. ~~~~~~~~~~ Neville had been halfway down the stairs when he remembered that the rest of the alcohol was stored outside. Doubling back on himself, he headed out into the back alley, groping around blindly as his eyes got accustomed to the dark. They really needed to fit a light into the back room, so that when they went out into the alley at night they’d have some light to see by. As it was, Neville's eyes were slowly adjusting, and he headed to where he remembered the box of alcohol being, stopping dead in his tracks as he heard a familiar voice, hoarse and catching in the still night. "Gods… fuck, Draco, harder!" The response was a grunt, and Neville put a hand out to the wall to steady himself as he focused on the two vague figures further down the alleyway. The only thing he could make out for sure was the shock of white blonde hair that automatically identified Draco Malfoy, and the whimpers in a voice that was unmistakably Harry Potter. Neville knew he should go back inside, but the thrill of knowing that two people were having sex mere feet from him, blissfully unaware that they were being watched, had him frozen to the spot. He felt a familiar heat in his groin, and bit his lips together so that he didn't make a sound, didn’t interrupt the wet, grazing sounds and the pretty little whimpers. He'd always assumed Harry was the top, but from the sound of things the brunette was in fact a glorious little bottom, keening and yelping as Draco stayed strong and silent but for grunts of exertion. If it hadn't been for the hand that clamped over his mouth, Neville would have cried out when he was grabbed from behind, and given himself away to the copulating couple. Instead, his noise was silenced by a familiar hand, a familiar erection digging into his back as Neville was moved back into the shop. When the door was shut, Neville found himself pinned to the wall, Kingsley frotting against him frantically, insinuating a thigh between Neville's and applying just the right amount of pressure. "Dirty little pervert." Neville whimpered and moved to capture Kingsley's lips in a kiss, moving with the older man and yelping into Kingsley's mouth as he came, feeling his lover twitch with orgasm mere moments later. As Neville pulled away to explain himself, he caught sight of George stood smirking in the doorway. "Guess you haven't found the alcohol yet." The irritating Weasley was gone before either Neville or Kingsley could retort, leaving the two of them stood in the back room, blushing faintly. "I was… uh… I didn't mean to." "Shouldn’t have sex in alleys if they don't want to be seen. Come on, back to the party." Nodding, Neville followed Kingsley back into the main shop, studiously avoiding George's smirking gaze, and the slightly flushed and chirpy Harry and Draco that rejoined the main room some ten minutes later. Though Neville did file something away for later action – he and Kingsley had yet to christen the alleyway outside…

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