понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

laviestrange: Happy Days.

Pioneer Junior College, is about an hour away form my home. So today i travelled an hour just for two hours of school. BEST! So i took the opportunity to have my happy meal breakfast at Mcdonalds since school started later today! YAY HOTCAKES! Met the three chinese and headed for breakfast. Then went to school for the most dreadful two hours Ive ever had. But i spent my time fruitfully doing other things. RAWR! PW SUCKS BLOOD! And so the torture begins this wednesday when the stupid intense MT and PW starts. Such joy school brings us! After the two hours, the three chinese and I headed to serene centre! REMINISCING THE PAST! Haha. Shared my Brownie+Ice Cream with woody woo and rotted for a while befor some intelligent soul suggested we play bridge. And I finally understand the game better. Haha. Thanks to my Gurus, (THE KING AND THE MUSHROOM)! THANKS! I APPRECIATE IT A LOT! Then played until the king got hungry. So we went to their(KING AND MUSHROOM) favourite place in the whole world, BK! Haha. Ate with the king(SUCH AN HONOUR!). So that about wraps up my day! More fun than the past week I must say! Yes I have a sad life I know! WHAT TO DO! OOH! AGYNESS DYEN IS SEX! SHE'S SO HOT! IM LOVING HER! AHEM, LESBIAN TNEDENCIES I DO HAVE! HAHA! HELLO SEXY!

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