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rukia_death_god: true love...The first spark

‘Icigo Ichigo wake up’. As Icigo awoke he saw rukia right about him with the sum perfetly positoned behind her hed as if a eclips was about to happen. Ichigo still drowsy at the time  asked why she woke him up. ‘ICHIGO I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOU UP FOR A HALF AN HOUR, ITS 9:40 ‘ we slept throught your alarme we were probly still tired for last night.’ ‘What happened last night!’ he asked as he got dressed as fast as he could. ‘NO time to explane icio were late we gotta run’.

As they were running for school an alert for two hollows appered two unusally huge hollows togther they had an wired resatou, easy to track. ‘We’ll have to split up you need to use kon tell him to tell my mod were school is and to go to class for us well chatch up thith them.’ Rukia explaned. ‘ Do I  have to use HIM’ said icigo stuberly. ‘YES and that wasent a question it was an order!’. Icigo oped his mouth in an attempt to ague when Rukia shuved Kon in his moth Ichigo tried to ague yet agin when rukia said ‘explane to kon and my mod soul the plan’ then hoped off in the drection of one hollow.


Once Kon uderstod (finaly) Icigo went of franticly in the derection of his aponent to make up for lost time.  Kon then said ‘ finally I thought he would never lave time to have some fun!’ Rukias Mod started o complane that tat was not what they were told to do Kon didn’t care and walked off. Rukias Mod walked off to tatel to icigo Not realizing that she was disobaying as well. ‘ letts go off in rukias direction I think her fight is near the school AWSOME I can whatch her fight and flirt with the girls that greatly admire me KON!!!’. AS kon walked offf for rukia Rukias mod was just reaching icigo to tatel. AS ahe was Walking for Icigo she got noked out but the hollows tail and icigo then Quickly defetd the hollow and rushed to rukias mod THINKING she was rukia. At that time Kon was Just about to attack the Hollow for fun (and  to scrape up icigos gigia to piss him off). But as he was in the air the hollows had came and nocked him unconce. Rukia on the other side of the hollow Didn’t notice kons attake and assumed that icigo had come back and been caught off guard but the hollow coming to get her thinkg she was done. She then rushed her Mission to atted icigo ( well kon but she thinks it is icigo).She Rush over tried to revide him… Nother Kon had been knocked out there for he seemed to be dead she tied mouth to mouth she  stated balling he eyes out and Then Cling to him wishing for life. Icigo was teneding to rukias mod witch he  thinks is rukia she is not realy un contusi just really badly injued by the blade on the tail.  He aslso thought she was dieing befor his eyes and started cryting he picked her up to take to his home to his clinick to healy her when the mod soul poped out. Icii go crying slightly realy fustrated saw the mod and then stop crying ‘OMG NO NO WAY I FELL FOR THAT KON IS THAT ABOUT YOU!’ icigo  yelled furiously. Icigo went off for rukia  right when her arrived she found kons mod pill and still looked like she had been crying…’Hey rukia are you alright are.. are you crying?’She then mutterd under her breath ‘Icigo Im so glad your not hhurt’ she said it very quietly icigo understod but wanted to make sure what he hear was correct. Rukia then jumped up into his arms and said im happy your safe…As she let go of Ichigo she slaped him across the face ‘ YOU FOOL I TOLD YOU TO EXPLANE TO THEM NOT COME NEAR THE FIGHTING’ . ‘I DID TELL THEM’ icigo explaned.’Letts ask the mods to see what they have to say’ Rukia said. Fine said Icigo.Rukias mod came out first they didn’t want the two fighting so the asked one at a time.’Oh hi rukia what do you need me fo.r…Oww Oww Oww why did you put me back in this damaged Gigia!!!’. ‘Sorry its ether this or icigos gigia, Now we have a question why did you and kon separate!?’.’Well you see Kon wanted to go have some fun and disobay orders! So I went to tll icigo that kon was bewing bawd! But then I got hit and couldent move..Icigo came and couldent help he he was crying.He picked me up to go to the hospitel when I fell out of your body.But Icigo thought I was you rukia he was saying your name.’ Said rukias Mod pill.’didn’t you relize that if you went off to get icigo you would be disobaying too!’ said rukia shuly after hearing about Icigo. The Mod started to give there excuse when Rukis took the mod pill out. Icigo Had his head down and then put kon in his gigia. ‘Kon I need you to ancer afew questions.’ Icigo had a strange look on his face is scared kon. ‘Y…es. What are they’ Kon said. Rukia interupted icigo as if she knew he didn’t want to talk right then.”Kon why did you and  My mod separate’ said rukia.’Well you see I was headed towaredsthe school to see my loving girls!’Kon said . Rukia then said ‘And you just happened to come into my fight. YOU FOOL.I know you can sence hollows you came for a fight disobaying orders!’ Icigo took out Kon be for he could reply. ‘Come on Rukia lets take you gigia to my fathers clinik we can heal it there. Ill call oteheme and she wll come heal it later as well.’ Said icigo ‘Right’ Rukia said. ‘Icigo… Were you really up set when you thougth it was me dieing befor you..’ said Rukia. Icigo then said ‘Rukia you know how it feels like its your falt some one important to yous dead or dieing…I felt like my world was falling apart.’.Rukia gasped “i…c.i..go’


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