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jacrogers: chapter fourr.

 same disclaimers as before.
same characters.
same everything.


At lunch three days after the broom closet incident, I saw Fred sitting next to one of the girls on the quidditch team, his arm draped lazily across her back. The sight made my heart throb painfully. I saw George look up at me. As his eyes locked with mine, I turned away and broke into tears. I ran to the nearest bathroom, checked the stalls for anybody, sent a silencing spell bouncing off the walls, and began to sob. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten that being in a school of wizards, anybody could unlock the door and walk in. So as soon as I’d heard “Alohomora” and the sound of the lock being broken I knew it couldn’t be good.

I wrapped myself up tighter in the corner of a stall, hoping that whoever had entered would not see me. Apparently the person was looking specifically for me, because when I didn’t respond to the name calling the person began to check under every stall. I bit my fist to stop from crying and prayed that the person would conveniently miss the stall I sat huddled in. Wrong.

“Oi! Sophie!” George’s head peaked under the stall and I inwardly groaned. Definitely not the person I wanted to see now. “What’s wrong?” He crawled awkwardly beneath the stall, his long legs making it difficult for him to fit comfortably.

“Nothing,” I mumbled.

“Well, lighten up darling,” George said, attempting to make me feel better. If only he know how much worse I was feeling with his arms around me. If only he knew I was pretending that he was his brother. His perfect brother. I cried harder, shocking George. “Sophie, really, what’s going on?”

There was no way I could ever tell George what the problem was. So instead I said the first thing that popped into my mind. “My dog died.”

George looked at me and raised his eyebrows. “You don’t have a dog, Sophie.” Fuck.

“Uh, no, I just got it before I came back to school,
 I wildly improvised. “He was a puppy. My dad bought him for me,”

George appeared to buy this badly crafted story and patted my shoulder, allowing me to nuzzle my head into his soft sweater. Then, there was another loud crash and the door was thrown open.

“George! Where the hell are you?” It was Fred. My heart stopped beating. I pressed a finger to George’s lips, indicating silence. “I’m going to find you, so you might as well come out now, you twat!” Fred poked his head into the stall where we were cuddled on the ground, bumping his head on the edge of the stall in shock.

“Sophie!” Fred gasped, looking from George to me and then back to George. Suddenly I realized how wrong this must look. “You…you, you slut!” My mouth dropped as Fred stood up and raced from the bathroom.

George looked at me. “What was that all about?” I shrugged, feigning innocence, though I felt the tears fall again.

“Uh, I think, I think I just need to, I need to go talk to, to Katie,” I said, standing up and not looking at George. Lie.

“You sure you’ll be okay?” George asked, also standing up and hugging me. The same smell as Fred. I allowed myself to inhale before I realized that this boy was not Fred, it was his twin, George, the one with apparent feelings towards me, and I ripped myself out of his clutch and ran out of the bathroom, and then the Great Hall, at an alarming speed.

I ran up flights of moving stairs blindly, tears stinging my face as they had been for so many days and nights now. After much stumbling and cursing, I arrived outside the Gryffindor commons, and struggled to remember the password. My mind was such a jumble, the password appeared to have well, disappeared. I wracked my brain for any sort of bizarre phrase that could suffice as the password.

“Bean loaf!” I yelled at the Fat Lady.

She chuckled. “Nice try. That was last week’s.” This caused me to cry harder.

“I need to get in here!” I cried, trying to get the Fat Lady to understand.

“Not until you give me the password.”

“Glazed pineapple,” I finally managed to find somewhere in my brain. The Fat Lady swung aside and I scrambled through the hole and up to Fred and George’s dorm, where I hoped Fred would be. I flung open the door and saw Fred lying face down on his bed, red-hair vibrant against his pillow. He rolled over sensing a presence.

“What the hell? Get out of here!” Fred practically roared at me.

“Fred! What is your problem?” I asked, suddenly taking the offensive as he had done earlier in the week.

“You’re a slut! That’s my problem!” Fred yelled at me.

“What are you talking about?” I yelled back, slamming the door to his dorm, and making my wand move various pieces of furniture in front of it. No one would be interrupting this brutal argument.

“What is this? Oh, Fred. Oh, Fred. I like you so much. Why are you denying your feelings for me?” Fred imitated me angrily. “Maybe you should have added, Oh, Fred, by the way I’m fucking your brother too; I’m just making shit up to get you to sleep with me too. That way, I can have both of you, and neither one will know, since you’ll both swear to secrecy.”

“Fred! What are you talking about?” I yelled again, angry that he would ever think that.

“Don’t even try and act innocent,” Fred growled angrily. “I just fucking saw you, in the bathroom, wrapped up in my brother’s arms. I tell you I have feelings for you, and what, is this some way to rub it in my face? That this can’t happen? That you have had feelings for George all along and were doing this just for pure amusement? I can’t believe you, Sophie! I really can’t!”

“Fred,” I said, a bit more calmly than his last few sentences, constructed specifically to pierce me in all the correct places, “You’re making things up.”

“I’m not making things up!” Fred yelled his entire face red with rage. I backed away, a bit alarmed at his mood.

“And I don’t have feelings for George!” I yelled back at him.

“Then prove it!” Fred shouted.

“How?” I shouted back, crossing my arms defiantly.

“Come here!” Fred howled, startling me a bit. I took small steps towards him, afraid that he would go psycho and do something ridiculous. “Come closer!” Fred bellowed, and for some reason I obeyed. “Now prove that you don’t love George!”

I was utterly confused. Convinced Fred had gone mad, I backed away a few steps, deciding that making a run for it would result in at least two more hours of my life, rather than five minutes.

“Sophie! Where are you going?” Fred asked.

“I don’t know what you want from me!” I yelled.

“Just, just show me you don’t love George!” Fred said, his face still red with anger.

“You know I don’t love George!” I said, sitting down next to Fred on his bed, afraid to touch him but half wanting to calm him with a caress.

“Then what was the bathroom episode all about?!” said Fred.

“If you must know, Frederick, it was because of you!” I yelled, embarrassed to admit that I had been sobbing about Fred, and lied to George.

“Exactly!” Fred said, defiantly. “It was because of me. You had to run to George because I wouldn’t sleep with you anymore!”

“You’re ridiculous!” I said, scooting away.

“I’m not ridiculous! You’re the one playing the two of us like we’re idiots!” Fred said, glaring at me. “Wait till George hears about this. Just wait.”

“Fred,” I pleaded. “I’m not playing you! I don’t have feelings for George!”

“THEN SHOW ME, GOD DAMMIT!” Fred bellowed.

“FINE!” I shouted back at him, taking his face in my hands and hungrily kissing him.

He bit my lips furiously, played with my tongue hungrily, explored every inch of me with a desire I’d never seen from him before. Anger had boiled up inside of me, and my temper was raging, but I couldn’t pull myself away. I could only keep roughly snogging Fred, trying to make him hurt in the process. But the more I bit away at his lips, the harder I clamped his dick, it only made him more passionate, as if the pain I was trying to cause was in fact affection. His cock was sticking straight up, trying to push its way out of his pants and I eagerly ripped off his belt and unzipped his pants, tore off his boxers and violently took his cock into my mouth, sucking at it with such ferocity I wondered if someone else was momentarily occupying my body.

“Agh! GOD DAMMIT SOPHIE!” Fred groaned. “DO IT HARDER.” He thrust himself forward into me, sliding his dick down my throat, and I roughly clenched my lips about it and massaged his shaft with a vigor I didn’t know I had. “OH GOD! FUCK. FUCK!” Fred swore repeatedly, each time his dick becoming more swollen. He had begun to violently thrash, throwing things off of the table beside his bed, causing loud crashes around the room. He came violently in my mouth, shooting sticky cum directly into my throat. I gagged, but managed to swallow, as Fred panted. But there was no way I was done.

“You want it rough?” I hissed at Fred, who was now whimpering on the bed like a frightened animal.

I could almost hear Fred’s heart beating against his chest, threatening to jump out at any given moment. “AGH! YES!” He groaned. “FUCK ME HARD.”

“Alright, turn over,” I said, rolling him so that his face was buried in his pillow, his freckled arse staring at me.

“WHAT—WHAT…AGHHH!” Fred yelped as I shoved three fingers inside his hole, feeling around for his prostate. “SHIT. SOPHIE!”

“Too much for you, Freddie?” I asked, feeling gleeful about this strange domination I had over Fred.

“UGHH. DEEPER!” Fred bellowed into his pillow. Instead I removed my fingers, waiting for him to beg for it. He began to whimper again. “Don’t stop! Please, God, don’t stop. Sophie—UGH!”

I’d plunged my fingers deeper inside of him, reaching his sensitive area, causing him to reach down and begin to stroke himself, his cock throbbing again. Who knew rough play with Fred would be so…erotic? I felt myself becoming hotter and hotter, a feeling inside me building. I needed him to do something, soon. I was afraid I would burst before he got around to it though.

“Sophie, come here,” Fred groaned, rolling over, exposing his erect cock. Every time I looked at it, the more perverted my thoughts became. He roughly placed me on top of him, pulling down the plaid uniform skirt we were required to wear, and unbuttoning my blouse. I wasn’t sure if he could do it fast enough to satisfy both of our building urges. Apparently he could though, because before I was aware what was going on, he had plunged himself inside me, so far I thought he was going to break through something.

“Jesus Christ!” I yelled, gripped Fred’s shoulders as he pulled out and thrust in again.

“You like it rough?” Fred chuckled, imitating my comment earlier.

 I was too overcome with pleasure to respond with something witty or intelligible though. All I could manage was, “YES! ROUGH,” like some sort of blubbering idiot. And so Fred went, each thrust more violent than the first, until both of us were sweating, hoping the other would come soon.

“We.” Fred pulled out of me. “Need.” Plunged back in. “To argue.” Out again. “More often.” Simultaneously Fred pushed his final thrust into me, felt myself release around Fred, felt his dick go limp inside of me, and heard a loud blast and some sort of enraged yell that sounded something like “Fred!” but I couldn’t be sure.

“Oh. Oh fuck,” Fred cursed under his breath, his eyes growing wide.

“You—YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I heard the voice yell. I realized it was George. I felt Fred quickly pull out of me and stand up; walked toward George. Realizing he was not clothed he grabbed a blanket off the edge of his bed and wrapped it tightly around himself, sensing his brother’s rage.

“Georgie, please, you gotta let me at least explain,” Fred tried, though it was a useless attempt.

“There is nothing to explain!” George yelled. “I can’t believe my own brother, my best friend, would betray me like this. And you,” George pointed at me.

“Don’t get her involved in this,” Fred said to George.

“Why shouldn’t I? She just fucked you, the whore,” George said angrily.

“She’s not a whore!” Fred yelled at George. “It’s my fault, not hers.”

“You prick!” George raised his wand toward Fred, who was currently wandless. Fred staggered back fearfully, groping for his own wand.

As George began to yell an incantation at the un-armed Fred, I readily held mine towards him and yelled “Expelliarmus!” causing George’s wand to fly out of the dormitory and down the flight of stairs.

“Alright, come here,” Fred said, grabbing my hand. “Just, just hold on tight, it’ll be easier to do it this way, hang on…Bloody hell, I hear him coming!” Fred quickly spun on the spot mumbling “Charlie’s lair.” I felt a constricting feeling about me and held on to Fred tightly. I’d always hated apparating, especially to distant places. Charlie’s dragon lair was all the way in Romania. We soon landed uncomfortably in a field, apparently somewhere in the mountains.

“Agh,” Fred said, standing up and wrapping himself in the blanket again. I looked down at myself and realized I was totally naked. I mumbled a spell, dressing myself and Fred, who grinned sheepishly.

“Couldn’t think of another place,” Fred shrugged.

“S’okay,” I said, still in shock from the feud I’d just witnessed.

Fred seemed to sense the shock I was feeling and decided it was a good moment to say, “I told you that would happen.”

“Well, Fred! I wasn’t expecting him to randomly walk in at that point,” I said, pointedly. “That was not even meant to happen.”

“But it did,” Fred said cheekily.

“Now George hates me,” I said, feeling rather guilty.

“Hates me too,” Fred said. He ran his long fingers through his red hair, shaking his head. “Ah, Sophie, always causing problems.”

“Not brotherly hate,” I said. “Maybe pulling ridiculous pranks with you guys, but I never made you hate each other.”

“Mission accomplished?” Fred tried at a laugh, but it came out as more of a gag.

“Fred, I’m sorry,” I said, sighing. I felt bad that I had come between the twins. They were the closest friend each other had and now I’d gone and ruined it because of my infatuation with Fred.

“It’s not your fault,” Fred said, slumping against the tree we were standing under. “You wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t, hadn’t basically forced you.”

“Fred, you didn’t force me,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Stop being melodramatic. You know as well as I do that I could have stopped at any time.”

“I suppose,” Fred shrugged. “I still fucked up though. Wonder how long George will hate me for.”

“Fred, really, I’m sorry,” I said, hugging him.

I didn’t know what else to say. I felt like this was indirectly my fault, if only because I had at one point dated George and then developed feelings for his twin. He looked at me; his eyes now greenish against the green sweater I’d provided for him.  I looked down towards his lips and realized that they were bleeding furiously. I leaned toward him and licked each of his lips gently, causing him to back away. He looked questioningly at me.

“Your lips, they were bleeding,” I said, blushing. “Uh, my bad?”

“Seriously. You’re a fucking monster,” Fred laughed. “Who knew you could get so…bad?”

I shrugged, coloring more as I remembered the rough sex we’d had before. “I was angry.”

“I need to get you angry more often,” Fred said cheek in his voice again. “Best shag I’ve ever had. Wait, best foreplay and shag I’ve ever had.” I found myself wondering how many girls he’d fucked before, but refrained from asking the question. “Though my arse kind of hurts now,” Fred bluntly said, shifting uncomfortably. “Christ.”

I blushed uncontrollably now. “Erm, sorry,” I said.

“No worries,” Fred said. “I’ve had worse.”

“I don’t even want to know what you mean by that,” I said, trying not to let my mind run off with dirty images of Fred and other girls doing things that I had never done. Especially not with Fred.

“How long will we stay here for?” I asked Fred, already worrying.

Fred shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.”

“It matters to me!” I cried. “I have things to study for, clubs to help with, kids to tutor.”

“Consider this a vacation then, darling,” Fred said, letting his hand dangle lazily over my shoulder.

“I can’t,” I said. “Not when I know I’m missing things at school.”

“Are you saying you’d rather be with an enraged George? Last time I checked, it was a bit frightening,” Fred laughed.

“True,” I said, sighing. I looked at my hands, still grossly covered with Fred’s dried cum. Fred picked up my right hand and licked each finger, slowly, and despite that fact that he was licking off his own juices, it was rather sexy and immediately I felt an immense need to fuck Fred senseless again.

I guess Fred saw a hunger in my eyes for he said, “Later, darling, later.”

I wasn’t sure if I could wait till later. To pass the time I rolled over and snuggled into the grass, and itchy as it was, managed to fall asleep for some time. I felt Fred’s long fingers playing with my hair, and I sighed wondering if George would ever forgive him, or me. We couldn’t help it, that thing we felt for each other.


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