вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

x_killmyheart_x: Wanting More

I don't understand why I get the feeling that a guy keeps going after me, especially while I'm in a relationship? I was on my way to English, and I stopped at Jazzmans to get a latte. My cell phone rings....it was my friend from the other night. Apparently, he saw me from the Palms area. I turned around, and I was like....oh gosh. There he was....waving at me. I haven't spoken to him since that night. I still think about it, and how I stupid I was for letting him have me. He looked at me with....I don't know, let's just say he gave me this sensual look. Damn it all. I've realized he's been trying to get with me ever since he found out I was single. I hope he knows I'm with someone right now, and was never really interested in him. I guess when you mess around with someone, they want you more. We had a run in at the TKE  party last semester. Then, the next day, sends me a message saying that it was nothing. Wow! So, why in the fuck did he come after me again? I'm not his playmate or anything. He kind of reminds me of my friend, Ryan, except I was interested in him. Of course, "I'm his friend and friends should have sex." WTF?!?! Okay....I DON'T THINK SO. I've never heard of friends having sex every other weekend because "we're buddies." I think this is the main reason why I hate giving it up outside of a relationship. Here's the thing: don't ever let a person take advantage of you, regardless of the temptation.

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