вторник, 16 октября 2007 г.

cheriegirl: Lust. Caution


the 9 minutes must be recovered! HAHAHAH. i'm not kidding. i will get hold of te 9 minutes!

anyhows, today my inner rebel streak was developed to its fullest potential. we conveniently walked out of school for lunch at j8, without the intention of watching the movie initially, but somehow, we got round to doing so. and i didn't regret it at all. (but i bet Julian did. he realized it was a Chinese movie after the 4 women played mahjong for 4 whole minutes -____________-)

so the movie. wah it is a SUPER slow movie. like Brokeback Mountain. if i was sleepy, i would have slept half the show away. and probably wake up only at the not-even-sex sex scenes. okay i'm kidding. the 'sex' scenes weren't even whatever 'sex' scenes. after they cut it all out. 
but, because i was awake the ENTIRE time, the show is actually very intriguing! it is so deep, i was still thinking about it at night. as in the show was still at the forefront of my thoughts. that's why i say my withdrawal symptoms of ANYTHING is very serious one! >< 

Julian doesn't think it's deep, but i think so. so whatever hahaha. it was so exciting at some parts! :D and Leehom was just... just. simply. hyperventilatable. really. everytime he came out, my breath was caught. LOL serious! i'm not kidding. i haven't seen Leehom for so long. haha luckily got BFF there to hyperventilate with me lol. okay actually she didn't - only i did, fine -______- 
but the ending was so expected yet i didn't expect it. aiya watch it and you'll get what i mean.


after the movie, we adjourned to eat - again. cos it was raining and all. then we laughed so much. we being Oli, HY, Mel and Julian. 
then my Comm meeting was cancelled, and so Mummy came to fetch me, and BFF came to my house, since we wanted to continue our delinquent streak. 
we watched Secret, and many other shows. Secret is another nice show omg. if i were in the cinema, i would have cried. but i think Lakehouse was nicer. i don't know haha! (:

BFF just went home not too long ago. i need to settle some stuff about the Comm thing, and i really yao shui jiao le.

okay. TYL cannot be such a rebel anymore. TYL cannot let her mood decide her physical actions (eg: ponning) anymore. TYL has to start being a good girl and go to school (except Thurs cos the lessons are really SO bangsai i think i might just kick myself for going) and read her lecture notes. 

okay! word of the day: DELINQUENT :D:D

goodnight and byebye! (:

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