понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

jimpylove: i need a vacation :)

Howdy--not to much is really going on...i've not been up to much really at all, but i'm sure i will find something to rant  about in this entree :) i'm about to quit my job, yet again.  i take things so personally when the kitchen guys treat me like shit. i feel like they think b/c 1- i am a woman, and 2-i go to an all girls school, that i'm stupid and just want a MRS. degree. that means that i pretty much just want to settle down and not have a life.  thats completely not true. i dont want to be one of those girls who doesnt want independence.  i want a career and a life aside from whom ever i marry, if i marry.  i dont like how sexists most men seem to be these days, especially when i go to an all girls school.  it's completely ridiculous...and i dont like it at all to bad i cant change pple...lol I saw ashley phipps last night and got to talk to her for a bit....her grandfather is not doing well...she doesnt think he will make it much longer...i know EXACTLY where she is and i know how bad it sucks.  i wish i oculd help her out, but it's something you have to deal with on your own. hell, i'm still dealing with it now...and it sucks... it was one year that my poppy had passed away on september 10th...i have a picture of him and one of his buisness cards in my car....i miss him sooo much...i just hope he knows that. anyways, i am in french, and there are barely any pple here...lol.  we've got 5 minutes before class starts so i guess we will see who shows up haha! anyways...fall break starts on wednesday after classes.  i am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited :) the only thing that sucks is i am working every night from thursday to sunday....suckssssssssssss.    but i'm just really excited to just have that time to sleep in, catch up on stuff, and CHILL :) well i'm going to go...i hope everyone has a fabulous day :P love always~  

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