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ms_geekette: 100 Things About Me

(reposted from my dorky...yet, awesome...Myspace page)

1. I don't particularly like talking about myself all that much

2. I can be shy and feel awkward around people I don't know very well

3. My first word: cat

4. I've always had cats, but I don't think I really became a "cat person" until a couple of years ago.

5. Sometimes I wish I had never won the "Good Citizenship Award" I received in 2nd grade.

6. The last couple of years I have been the most irresponsible I've ever been in my entire life.

7. I still have one baby tooth

8. I sang a Barbra Streisand song at my friends' wedding once

9. I didn't really know how to swim until my freshman year in college

10. I couldn't tell you the last time I actually "swam".

11. I am missing 4 adult teeth – they just never came in.

12. I have 3 bridges and a cap in my mouth.

13. In retrospect, I don't think I've ever been "in love".

14. I miss going swing dancing with friends. It was a lot of fun.

15. My favorite color is blue.

16. I joined band in 5th grade b/c my best friend was doing it.

17. I used to listen to Kasey Kasem's Top 40 Countdown every weekend in elementary school.

18. Even though I'm 5'10", I totally suck at basketball.

19. I am pigeon-toed, and apparently have loose hip joints.

20. My pediatrician wanted me to have surgery for it when I was little, but my parents said no. In a way, I'm glad they didn't.

21. I'm not really a fan of most organized religion. I am a "recovering Baptist".

22. I was my high school valedictorian.

23. I think I've been struggling with depression off and on since I was around 25.

24. I had nasal surgery for sleep apnea.

25. The first alcohol I ever drank was a swig of my dad's Old Crow, which had been under the kitchen sink for who knows how many years. It was like drinking lighter fluid and swallowing a match.

26. I've never really had the desire to smoke cigarettes

27. I told my brother he was adopted when he was little.

28. I want to drive the entire Pacific Coast Highway at some point – I don't really know why.

29. Sometimes I wonder what high school would've been like if I had actually said "yes" when Micky B. asked me to be his girlfriend in 8th grade. I thought he was joking.

30. I don't like drinking beer, but I can get super-wasted on white wine (thanks, MAT!)

31. I usually only drink alcohol a couple of times a year.

32. I *have* been drinking a little bit more often [like, once a month now ;-) ] since getting involved with roller derby

33. I typically am a happy drunk and become way more talkative than usual.

34. I am not going to tell you how old I was when I lost my virginity.

35. My first paid job was working in the circulation dept. at the Huntsville Public Library when I was 16.

36. I think the library job was one of the most enjoyable jobs that I've ever had.

37. I took a two-week solo trip to Ireland several years ago.

38. I will watch all the special features *and* any additional commentaries on a DVD, no matter what the film is.

39. For instance, I've watched all the special features on the "Sweet Home Alabama" DVD.

40. I will also read all the liner notes of a CD.

41. Deep down, I think it would be sorta fun to be an actor, rock star or model for a little while.

42. To date, I have not traveled further West than San Antonio, TX.

43. I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000.

44. One of my nicknames in high school was Old Woman.

45. This is probably the most personal information you will ever get out of me in one sitting.

46. I have far more interests/hobbies than I have time for.

47. I have participated in a music competition with no instrument. Not on purpose, of course.

48. Thinking up the first half of these hasn't been so hard, but now I'm wondering how I'm gonna think up 50 more of them.

49. I wear a size 10 shoe.

50. I was teased for having "shoes like boats" in high school. Ironically, it was by Micky B.

51. Sometimes I wish I allowed myself to be a bit more impulsive at times.

52. I voted for myself for "Most Likely to Succeed"

53. A long time ago I gave a boy I used to really like a "The Sound of Music" cassette, wrapped in a girly toiletry box. He didn't make fun of me for it, which made me like him even more.

54. I totally have an inner ham

55. I am pretty damn funny

56. I like to laugh, and make others laugh.

57. I can be super-sarcastic at times and very off-putting, though.

58. I have a hard time writing something without going back numerous times and editing it.

59. I've taken flute and voice lessons in the past.

60. I switched from clarinet to flute in high school due to all my dental work.

61. I was the Pepsi Channel 31 Student of the Week my senior year of high school. I was so nervous when they filmed the commercial that I sounded like utter crap whilst playing the flute.

62. I bruise really easily at times.

63. I chew my fingernails incessantly.

64. I definitely struggle with an inferiority complex at times

65. I have a perfectionistic streak, which makes it hard for me to complete certain tasks.

66. I was going to be named Melinda.

67. I don't have any tattoos.

68. The more I watch shows like Miami Ink, the more I want a tattoo, though. However, I don't really know what I would want to get tattooed on my body.

69. My ears aren't even pierced.

70. I have been toying with the idea of getting some body piercings, though. I am more likely to do that than the tat, at this point.

71. I definitely don't feel as happy as I used to, which is really annoying to me.

72. It would be cool to own my own radio station and play whatever I wanted.

73. I absolutely hate Clear Channel and all media conglomerates

74. I know you can have your own internet radio station these days, but I would rather go the "old-fashioned" way.

75. Heck, having my own show on WEVL would be cool.

76. I would have a hard time narrowing it down to an hour show, though, and coming up with a musical "theme".

77. I am the only person I know who doesn't own a cell phone.

78. I don't want to become one of those annoying people who will talk on their cell while using a public restroom.

79. For someone who has been trained as an engineer, I am decidedly anti-technology in some instances.

80. I am sort of a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

81. I am about one semester away from finishing my master's degree.

82. I have been one semester away from finishing my master's for, oh, about 2-3 years now. I am not really happy with myself about that. :(

83. Hopefully I will finish it up next year, if my advisor hasn't excommunicated me yet. Actually, I imagine it will be the grad college that will be the total butthole about it.

84. Ugh, I don't know if I can come up with 16 more of these.

85. Yes, I had to mentally double-check my math on that one.

86. If the engineering career doesn't pan out (i.e. sorta make me happy), I think I'm totally gonna become a librarian.

87. I would be an absolutely hot librarian.

88. Maybe I could have my own radio show, and make reading all hot again, sorta like they've done on the Food Network with cooking.

89. I would have to practice my "sexy voice", though.

90. My voice is already fairly low for a female, so maybe it wouldn't be that hard.

91. I have to practically scream at my father for him to hear me, though, so that is a drawback with the sorta low voice.

92. He's deaf as a doornail, though.

93. Hearing protection is very important, kiddoes, so don't be like my dad – wear ear plugs while operating loud machinery.

94. And always wear safety glasses like Norm Abrams from This Old House (and New Yankee Workshop) recommends.

95. Bob Vila was totally a douche to Norm while he was hosting TOH.

96. Norm is totally a hottie in plaid flannel, btw.

97. I like how he pronounces "drawer".

98. I wonder if Norm is single….

99. Or if he autographs 8"x10" glossies of himself…

100. Thank you, and good night!

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