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UGH. Throat tastes like crap (not that, you know, I've ever eaten crap, just. ICK), but I don't feel horrid. I guess I just sound it. So I watched this Smiley Face/4.20 movie last night - and laughed a bit cuz it opens with the main character on her laptop on the couch all, "Between unemployment and money from my parents I make due." AHAA, who was taping my life in Buffalo and why did *I* not have my own geeky J-Kraz? (seriously SOOO geeky. Even Dwight would be appalled by his character.) Also, who's handing our REO Speedwagon music licensing all over the place? Man. I'm having mad bad computer issues. My power cord WILL NOT get my laptop to charge unless I twist it a certain way and weigh it down for the connection to hold - and I've tried another cord and it's actually the receptacle or whatever ON the computer. It's suckage to the highest degree. I realized I never talked about my DL'd shows or reacted in my usual flaily way. SO: I seriously don't have much recollection right now except for the following... - FIRE GUY! and Kelly oh my Kelly. Fake pregnancies! Way to go - and her lil headshake...such glee.
- DWIGHT AND GARBAGE. I swear, I squealed and flapped so much that my aunt and cousin (who were in the room with me and my headphones) looked at me like I was INSANE. And yet I've STILL to find an icon! What is THAT nonsense???
- I'm pretty damn sure there was more (besides Dwangela woe!), but now I can't recall. **What's up with our online office, BTW? Still staying where we set up shop?
Will you laugh at me when I admit that the end of the episode made me cry? Cuz it did omg, BOTH times I watched it. Gah - LOVED the opening and the choral version of 'Glamorous' that played over the montage of everyone getting ready (is there a music community somewhere? Did anyone rip that?) - and hgdjks uniforms! I am shallow enough to say that I want hot hot porny fic JUST because of the whole uniform thing. Tie sex, plz and thank you! I still can't get on board with the Dan/Serena ship, though I did like the parallel they drew between Dan punching Chuck in the first ep to protect his sister and Serena taking the fall for her brother. That was cute - tho her brother freaks me out a bit. And Blaire/Chuck and Nate/Dan and OMG, there HAS to be room for Chuck/Nate because the boy is sleeping in the same room as these orgies, IS HE NOT??? Gah, so much room to play! But yes. Blaire being put in her place by the brother at the end was some nice high drama and the letter reading at the end, just. It SLAYED me. I could likely be persuaded to stand behind some Blaire/Serena too. I NEED FIC! Omg fandom, create yourself for my pleasure! The banter, c'mon! Tell me it's not fun and inspirational. Back to shallow - I really do enjoy Blaire more and she's got that preppy style...but I def like Serena's better. IDK, it fluctuates between scenes. Whatever, PREPPY PRETTY PEOPLE TO PORN! Aaaaand. That's about it. Until tomorrow afternoon and the new ep!!! While I'm flailing over pretty...have some more! I want RPF too, ya know. & All larger than I made em and snagged from
http://www.gossipgirlfan.org/gallery/index.php That enough for now? I feel like that's enough ;)

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