вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

neongreengeisha: Revelation: George Clooney is sexy. But Junjin is still my main bitch.

I didn't realize until recently just how sexalicious George Clooney is. His only problem is his name. It is difficult for me to take a man named George seriously. George is such a goofy-sounding name. Nonetheless, he is quite a piece of eye candy. Up until recently, my mom thought he was gay. Back in the day, she was friends with one of his relatives (Was it a cousin? Hell if I can remember. I'll have to ask again sometime. But for anyone who didn't know, he and his family are from right across the river from Cincy.) and I said to her one day, "Since you were friends with one of his relatives, wouldn't you know if he was gay or not? Don't you think she would have mentioned something about it?" She didn't have an answer to that one, but now that I think back on it, it isn't particularly true. Telling people about a family member being gay isn't something people usually do unless they are dedicated gossippers. But, back to the point, he's amazingly sexy and I wonder why I've just noticed as of late. He's one of the only men in Hollywood I find attractive (maybe because of the lack of Asian actors?) I used to think Matt Damon was the shit but I was 17 and I thought every person with a dick was hot. Now he looks sorta...retarded? Deformed? I don't know, but his facial structure is strange. When I was like 3 years old (literally O_O No joke) I was deeply in love with Johnny Depp. I used to watch him on 21 Jump Street. Among my other loves in those tenders years were Richard Greeco (did I spell that right?), George Michael, and The New Kids on the Block. A little man-crazy wasn't I? I musta been a horny lil tot. Kinda weird. Johnny Depp has managed to stay hot. I still think he's hella sexy but George Michael??? What was that about?! Other than him, I had pretty good taste for such a little girl. We went to the mall yesterday and Amy bought Cameron THE most adorable Nemo costume at the Disney Store. I so can't wait to take some photos of him in it. He's going to be the cutest lil fishie around on Halloween. Darius and I got into a monster arguement last night. I needed to use the phone, he's a big bitch about everything and wouldn't let me use it, insisting I use his cell phone, I yell at him, he gets an attitude, I don't put up with it, he gets mad, tells me he hates me so much and hopes I'd die, and blah blah blah blah blah blah. The usual bullshit. One day, I think I'll go off and beat his ass. But then I'm running for the life because he'll get up and give it right back to me x 30. o_O The kid is dangerous.

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