понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

ridiculations: To Pass Time Pleasantly

I'm watching Snorks because anything set underwater beguiles me. "Wish I could be... part of your world!"
Anyway, they found a frozen caveman snork (named Ork) and unfroze him. But the animators gave him a girl haircut. I was going to show you a picture of him, but I can't find him on Google, so here's a picture of another Jim Henson cartoon: The Muppet Babies!

I could only find this photo of The Gilmore Girls. While I was googling, I kept croaking this one song that Judy Garland sang beautifully in "Meet Me in St. Louis," which is always fun to watch. I recommended (recommend it).
I kept thinking of it because according to Dictionary.com (stupid) I used the word "beguiles" incorrectly [see above - Grammar Ed]. AND IT GOES A LITTLE SOMETHING LIKE THESE: over the banister leans a face
tenderly sweet and beguiling
while below her with tender grace
he watches the picture smiling a light burns dim in the hall below
nobody sees them standing
saying goodnight again SOFT
and low...
halfway up to the landing nobody but those eyes of brown
tender and full of meaning
gaze on the [Ester looks up at John and smiles]
loveliest face in town..... over the banister leaning ****** Today at school, the moon was in Scorpio. Or so it seemed.

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