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<b><u>PLAYER DETAILS</u></b>

<b>Name (or alias):</b> Ally.

<b>LJ:</b> N/A.

<b>Email:</b> allyindicates@hotmail.com

<b>AIM SN:</b> “ally indicates”.

<b>Referred By:</b>

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<b><u>BASE CHARACTER PROFILE</u></b> -- <i><u>PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SHOULD ONLY BE ONE WORD ANSWERS</u></i> <small>(Except where noted.)</small>

<b>Name:</b> Abigail Jane Douglas.


<b>Played By/Physical Description:</b> For Abigail Douglas, it’s all about matching. Oh, she adores her matching cardigans and blouses, not to mention anything floral is perfectly marvellous, and who said making sure your pyjamas colour co-ordinated with your bed spread was too much? Certainly not her! Yes, it can be said without hesitation, that the girl’s entire wardrobe seems to bring to mind the Stepford wives. But that’s the way she likes it. She LIKES having twelve different pearl necklaces, and fitted robes in a colour maybe just a bit too bright for the naked eye, and don’t ever try to tell her that no one’s ever going to see the fact her underwear is the exact shade of her eye-shadow. Unless rigorously criticized, the girl is routinely pleased with her appearance. She may not be stunning, nor ever quite match up to the (always admired) presence of the beauty queens on her favourite magazines; but with expressive facial features and head of “naturally lightened by the sun, really!” blonde hair, she’s fortunate looking. Which she should be, considering the time and effort placed into her looks each morning. To Abigail, first impressions reflect everything, and this belief is rigorously placated through her slavery to current fashions and manner in which she ruthlessly purges her wardrobe each season from “undesirables”. (PB: RACHEL NICHOLS.)

<b>Age/Birthdate:</b> Sixteen. February 18th, 1990.

<b>Gender:</b> Female.


<b>Blood:</b> Halfblood.

<b>Birthplace/Location:</b> Newcastle , England .

<b>Status or Class:</b> Upper Middle class.

<b>Pet Name/Species:</b>

<b>OWL Scores (For 1-7th Years):</b>

<i>Astronomy:</i> A.

<i>Charms:</i> E.

<i>DADA:</i> P.

<i>Herbology:</i> P.

<i>History of Magic:</i> D.

<i>Potions:</i> D.

<i>Transfiguration:</i> A.

<i>Divination:</i> E.

<i>Care of magical creatures:</i> A.

<b>NEWT Scores: (6th, 7th Years and Adults Only. Put N/A if not applicable):</b> N/A





<i>History of Magic:</i>



<i>Optional Other Subject #1:</i>

<i>Optional Other Subject #2:</i>

<i>Optional Other Subject #3:</i>

<b>10 Words to describe your character:</b> Flighty, boisterous,


<b>Personality:</b> In her floral cardigan and affinity for chintz, it would be easy to overlook Abigail Douglas as yet another girl with no other desire than to please her parents, marry the first man of good family that comes her way, and present the intelligence of a warthog to the greater part of Britain. And, in that assumption, you would be right. She does desperately want to do right by her parents, and marriage is more important to her than actual happiness, and in most cases she really does appear to have never flipped open a book thicker than the latest “Witch Weekly”; but there’s also something (in all its cliché), just that bit more to the pearl wearing blonde. First of all, it should probably be said that she never going to obtain any sort of academic praise. Abigail’s just not that intelligent. Education, she’ll cry, is for ugly girls, girls who can’t rely on their looks, and girls who are doomed to spend their lives as matrons; no, ask the girl on anything remotely related to a scholastic subject past basic household charms or Divination, and you’ll be answered with a charmingly blank smile. Because in her mind, she’s just not supposed to know anything beyond keeping her future husband happy and running an ordered household. Both of which are tasks she’ll manage with distinct flourish. This isn’t to say that Abigail is as dim-witted as a pile of bricks, nor is she ever quite as frivolous as she might appear; but there’s one thing for certain, the day you hold a conversation with her that includes intellectual commentary on a novel that isn’t romantic, is the day pigs start taking to the sky. Of course, for all her academic density, she’s shockingly gifted at relating to others, at easing people into talking and remembering precisely what’s been said. It makes her an undisputed source of garnered intelligence, and an undisputed gossip. With a rather large mouth and ear for rumours, it’s no surprise that the blonde can be tactlessly glib around those who haven’t been raised to value the same things that she does. Inform her that you’ve just received a promotion? “Oh, don’t worry, dear,” she’ll tell you, “marriage isn’t for EVERY girl in their twenties.” It’s not done out of spite, or any particular malice, it’s simply the way she’s been raised, and the fact she can be completely ignorant to the fact that not everyone wants what she wants. If you were to point out to her that perhaps a happy family, white picket fence and taking tea thrice a week wasn’t on the life-agenda of every girl, she’d never presume that to be so because those dreams aren’t the ultimate crux of happiness, oh no! No, there <i>must</i> be something wrong with you for pointing such a thing out, but don’t worry, she’s sure you’ll find the right man some day, and in fact, wouldn’t you just <i>love</i> to go on a date with her cousin?

<b>Strengths:</b> <i>Both magical and personality:</i>

<b>Weaknesses:</b> A people-pleaser to the extreme, it’s likely Abigail’s greatest fault that she can’t bear to disappoint those around her; she’ll never be a leader, and instead aims to placate those around her in the best manner she can. Of course, whilst her interpretation of pleasing others results in her providing baked goods and giving “constructive criticism” on the state of your drapery to wall paper colour faux pas, she’s consequently horrendously passive aggressive when her sensibilities are riled. She’ll never deliberately start a fight, nor ever approach someone when upset; but when her perpetual cheer and rose-tinted view of the world is disturbed, her anger is let loose in terms of backhanded gossip and great amounts of baking.

Sadly, Abigail’s “anger” is a trivial thing to witness, and effortless to appease, and whilst she’d like to think that she’s in charge of her life, that she’s “master of her own destiny”, that just like the heroines in the romantic novels she so admires it’s her that’s chosen the manner in which she lives, it simply isn’t the case. Despite all appearances of being a strong figure and being completely oblivious and too dense to recognize the criticism of others, the pinnacle fault in the blonde could be summed up in the fact that when purchasing groceries and being shorted on change? She’d never presume to point the matter out, just in case it was to cause mortal offence. She’ll pretend not to notice the faults of those around her, and will make a convincing charade at being “just lovely”, rather than ever presuming that something in her life isn’t the way it should be.



<s><b>Significant Relationships:</b>

<i>Family:</i> Optional:

<i>Friends:</i> Optional:

<i>Other:</i> Optional: </s>

<b>Special Considerations:</b> N/A





<i>Why are they in that house?</i>

<i>Position:</i> (Subject to mod approval)


<i> Prior School :</i>

<i>What house were they in? (Or would they have been in had they gone to Hogwarts?):</i>

<i>Why were they in that house? (Or why would they have been in that house?):</i>


<s><b>If this is your 4th(+) character (Hogwarts and Atlas), please link to recent activity (or attempts at activity) for your other current characters</b></s>

<b><u>MOD-ONLY QUESTIONS</b></u> -- <u><i>THESE WILL ONLY BE KNOWN TO THE MODS, please answer in a COMMENT to your application</u></i>

<b>Character Secrets:</b>

<b>Character Alliance :</b>


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