понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

notogamble: hi

there. i'm getting ready for soccer tryouts for my highschooool. i shouldn't be nervous because it won't be half as hard as a sharks' practice but i usually don't do well under pressure and i'm kind of freaked. i hope everyone sucks rofl. i mean, i have SOME confidence in myself with the sport i've played for six years, but still. i hate being told to "try my hardest" and stuff. i usually mess up at those times. ooh well, all i can do is get through it. it'll be weird, practicing with older girls, ones that i normally only see at school, like jamie. and i see hailey at soccer all the time usually, because our practices are on the same field at the same time, but i don't ever really get to PLAY her. i don't even know if she's any good. i haven't played her for a long time. aksjdklasj. aghhh, im scared! okay. i'm making much to big of a deal of this, so i'm going to shush now. 

i confronted michelle about what she "said" rofl... =x. i hope it was okay that i did, i don't remember casey saying not to tell or something....
god, i was pissed lol. i told michelle that i wasn't mad at her, but really i am.  i think "you" are at rehearsels right now, and i really wish you wouldn't be.. i'm leaving at five and won't be back till later... gosh, i miss you. ... 

i have to go and get ready. "laterr"

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