понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


Friday night I stopped at Dick’s Sporting goods to get some stuff. I drove by great clips, but it was busy inside, so I didn’t get a hair cut. Mattie came over and we waited for Adam. Adam drove us up to Shawna’s party – I cannot remember the last time Adam drove us anywhere!!! Unreal. The party was ok. We just played card games and what not. Us guys made up the majority of the party. Saturday I was up early and got ready. I went up to the U and when I got there, I talked to the guy in charge, and he was going to cancel the first game of the double header. So I had to wait for the 2nd game, which would be in 3 hours! I drove around and got some food. I came back and walked around campus a little, and looked at some of the athletic complexes. Lots of kids were walking around – and it seems everyone at the U wears “gopher” attire. Everyone, it was almost annoying. About an hour before the 2nd game the guy tells me he was going to cancel it too. The field was just too wet. So I pretty much wasted 4 hours of my day on nothing. But word on the street is that I will get paid for both games anyway; that would be perfect! I got home and checked my email. Cassie had written back! I was pleased she at least read it, but was shocked to see she replied! She simply said, “I will call you later this week when I have a day off”. That was good enough for me. At least she gave me a somewhat solid time table. Wednesdays are usually the day she has off, or at least the evening. So I’m expecting Wednesday. Who knows what sort of mood she will be in, or me for that matter, or what the tone of the conversation will be. I think I will just let her talk and see if she has anything she wants to say. I’ve already made a list of things I’d like to incorporate in the convo, and nothing is very sharp or critical. But I will only ask the questions if I get a good vibe from her. I want to know how we went from hanging out all the time to pretty much nothing. Was she just annoyed with me? Something else? I want to at least be able to hang out with her again. Today I’m feeling the most comfortable I’ve felt since this whole thing got crazy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m finally coming to terms with it, or if I just feel better knowing that we will be able to at least talk! Perhaps a little of both. I do miss her; like a ton. I haven’t seen her in nearly 3 weeks. Given the time table she gave me, I don’t have the urge to try and get a hold of her. I can wait until she calls because I have a definite answer for once! Although it still is somewhat ambiguous. Maybe she will still be upset and never want to see me again. I hope that isn’t the case. I’d like to tell her that somehow what we had got totally f’ed up. Like, way messed up. It was foolish and dumb. There has to be a way to rectify the situation and make things better again. I just want her in my life – my life is too boring without her! Saturday afternoon I cut our lawn. It was warm out and I even got a little burned on my face. I’ll take it in October! Saturday evening Dan invited us up to his place, but Mattie and I stayed in town. We hung out with Miller and Ken N. The bars were just DEAD in town. Mattie and I ended up going home around 11:30. Sunday I got ready for my games. I got to the park and met the other ump. He looked just like Mike Sciosia – or however it’s spelled. He was kind of an odd character. The games went fine. We had a division one umpire evaluate us. I have some things to work on, such as calling my pitches too quickly; he’d like to see me slow down. I went home and sat around the rest of the night. Kinda boring. I found out today I get two more games next Sunday at Siebert, so that is good. I don’t know what I will do with myself once the snow starts flying or the cold sets in, or in 2 weeks when umpiring is done. I will go crazy!!!!!! Tonight nothing is on tap. ‘Your Mother which will be good. No word yet on the house. Today marks the beginning of Week 4 of waiting. Perhaps we’ve turned the corner on waiting? I sorta wish I was more of a social butterfly right now. It’d be nice to have tons of things going on; hanging out with a bunch of cool people. Tons of girls to hang out with. But I’m not and never will be. I think that is another reason why I so badly want to hang on to something with Cassie. If nothing else, I got a good female perspective on things. And she always said too, how she really was a person who didn’t need a lot of friends; and that during the school year, most of her friends are gone, and she is lonely. Ha to that I guess! K, enough for now.

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