вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.


"Midnight Gravedigger"
You were right on the mark when you said,
"Your life's not in place yet"
100 words for snow is my guess,
Took my silence for weakness,
Like an eagle over it's prey,
Too much to stomach for one day,
If you dig up the graves of the past,
you'll have souls roam the earth,
Till dawn,death of self-importance,
It's waiting at the end of each day,
I've had relatives say "the timid will be led astray."
As I was the focal point of their dismay, Battle the insensitive remarks,
Reverse the blinds,so you can see clearly,
Just what lyes beneath the surface. "Your Past Interests"
You've got a number for every single lover you've had,
He was ten pages filled with witty poems,
Enough to make you want another try,
Last year you crashed into my lap,we never made it,
I never changed your mind,but you couldn't find me.
So suddenly i find my heart in texas;When the other half was home,
Drop the telephone,it's too late for this unsettling moment,
Almost a proposal but i was unfair,He was so tired and tied with strings that binded,it was only right to let go.
Found hope in a boy from north carolina didn't care about a thing when we walked together.We acted so attracted to eachother.When we watched the fireworks up on that hill,you told me your deepest secrets,i loved you for that.But with an attitude so strict we left that day with only a few minor conversations.
He glowed with some kind of light i will never be able to explain,He was only a picture in a frame,but when we'd talk at a show he made me glow with that light unexplainable. "Two parts are equal"
You sing your lonely song,I only hum half way along,
Till i traced back to how this should leave me happy,
....and it will in time.
Being this bridesmaid and not the bride,
I have so much to learn it could be too late to try,
Somedays it's better,
It's impossible to pinpoint your disadvantage,
It must be that stunning cover up that impresses you,Perhaps the attention i lack,
Either way i'm more than willing to stay,maybe just for today,
This vision gets more distorted with every step,to believe anyone would be right,
Now you're Confusing sex and distance,
It's never gonna set you free,
To understand the other part of love,
That makes us whole.
Two parts are equal,remains true.

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