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Read icon's text. Now, is it weird that the best quote of this season of Top Chef happened in a fucking audition video? Seriously. I am meeting this man in November. I don't care if I don't know where he works, I am fricking meeting this man. (Haha, Liz, to think we both hated him in the beginning of the season. The hell? xD)

Okay. So, before dinner, I was about to make this really whiny post about how everything's happening too fast and how bad of a mood I was in earlier. Normal boy drama, even if I don't like either boy like that. It's just really...awkward and painful when you hear that the last boy you kissed doesn't remember you. I'll get him back soon.

Watched Drawn Together's premiere from last week, as well as a Simpsons episode from forever ago. Neither of them were really funny, but I'm so happy DT's back. I missed my Xandir. Hopefully, this season will be bursting with Hero/Xandir like the past two have. :333

Got back to my email. Find out my gay biffle, Kosoko, is coming to my Homecoming.

I am soooooooo excited for Homecoming now. :DDDD

Well, I guess you guys don't know the story. There is a total of two worthwhile guys at my school. Ben and Diego. I've...dealt with Ben already. Asked him out the last day of art class, got turned down because he didn't want to lose our friendship, I ended up fairly satisfied and was able to get over him like usual. Diego's the foreign exchange student from Brazil that I had the immediate crush on, but now that he's a bit more outgoing, he wants all the girls, not just one. Which, since he's foreign, I think is adorable. It's very similar to how I was with Guzman - think he's hot, kinda like him, but he's too cute to keep to myself. Awkward situation these foreign boys put me in! D:

Anyway, with no other option, I asked my best friend, Sara, and my gay biffle, Kosoko, to homecoming. I've never bought a guest ticket before, and I'm not sure if I can buy more than one, but so far, both can come. I'm sooooo excited. It's gonna be the best homecoming yet. I think we might go with the black and red look - I really wanna wear red for some reason. I'm still deciding on a dress, and I'll put up a poll soon - maybe Thursday. I do have a really cute red and black dress that I might wear. I dunno. Kinda wanna get Sara in a red dress though - girl wears too much black. ><;

So, I'm in a better mood now. :D

Blog wise, I've decided not to do anything TC related until the reunion is done being aired. Makes more sense. Heroes will wait until tomorrow since I'm too exhausted tonight. It was...ridiculous. I mean...this season is just not written as well as I want it to be. This episode proved it. It's lucky for the Hiro-plotline and the Matthinder-plotline, or I'd go insane.

Survivor, Thursday. Not too excited, but I'll decide who to root for by then (Sherry, darling, I miss your comments on Survivor. D: you always leave some of the best comments to my full blogs. Hope you see this. ILU)

About Survivor, Michelle commented me on facebook after I told her how much I missed her on Thursdays.

Hey Lady ; ) Just working and trying to do real life grown-up stuff. ::groans:: At least there's a lot of characters on China for you. Sure, none of them are quite Rockilicious, but there can only be one! Hope school and all that is going well. Best!

She used 'Rockalicious' in a comment to me.
Why is she the best?

Tomorrow, I'll sort things out with Robert while I'm at band practice. TC3 reunion better be good. I'm either sleeping in Physics or working on NaNoWriMo stuff in Physics. Depends on the mood.

Anyway, I have to retire. I have no good pictures today, sadly, but you are welcome to leave me loveeee.  <333

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