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iluvroadrunner6: Getting Down and Dirty

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Getting Down and Dirty
Rating: FRT Characters: Dean Winchester/Anna Scherlacker (OC), Sam Winchester/Jennifer Templand (OC)
Prompt: Pretty Piece of Flesh
Content Warning: AU ends at Born Under a Bad Sign.
Summary: Anna and Dean fool around in the mud.
Author's Note: Part of my Keys to the Underground series. Hee--this was kind of fun to write.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Supernatural. They're owned by the CW. However, any and all original characters are mine, so please do not use them without my permission. “Are we there yet?” Anna asked from the backseat, trying to brush more of the mud off her face, but only proving to smear it more. “No, Anna. We’re not there yet,” Sam replied from the driver’s seat. Anna squirmed slightly as she felt Dean’s hand land on her thigh, and start to inch his way up. She flashed him a look, but he only gave her a lazy grin, not stopping as he slid higher. She started to glare at him, before smacking his hand. Jenny turned around at the sound, and gave them a look. “What are you two doing?” “Nothing,” Anna replied, inching further away from Dean. The blond glanced back and forth between the two of them, before rolling her eyes and turning back to face the road. Dean smirked back at her again, and she glared at him, before crossing her legs and turning to look out the window. She and Dean looked like they had been caught in a mudslide. Which was a bit of the truth. Except the mud hadn’t been moving, and they just couldn’t seem to get their footing. At first it was because they were trying to move too fast, and by the time it was over, they were covered in mud and laughing too hard to move. Fortunately for them, the mud was just mud, and they didn’t smell too bad, but the mud was starting to cake and make it hard to move. And Dean definitely wasn’t helping. Apparently literally dirty girls turned him on. Then again, she also knew that any kind of girl tended to turn him on. He slid over in the seat, leaning in and whispering in her ear. “You’re hot when you’re covered in mud.” “Don’t start with me, please,” she hissed back, giving him a look. “What? Nobody’s paying attention.” She kept giving him the look, and he conceded slightly. “Well can we do it when we get there?” “I need a shower first.” “Can we do it in the shower?” She bit her lip, the images of him, soaking wet, pinning her to the shower wall were starting to get to her. She thought about it for a minute before turning back to him. “We’ll have to clean you off first. And me. I may need help getting all the mud off.” “And then we can—” “Yes, Dean—but you have to be patient and not jump the gun.” “No gun jumping here,” he said with a grin. “Good,” she replied, before giving him a shove so that he was giving her some space. He smirked back at her, and every once in a while would glance over in her direction, giving her that look. Usually when he did, she would throw a clump of mud at him, but eventually they arrived back at the motel, and Dean and Anna were gone from the car so fast, Sam didn’t even have a chance to turn off the car. Jenny watched as they rushed past her before rolling her eyes. “Horndogs.” Sam laughed, “Welcome to my world.” *** Dean kissed her the minute they were both in the door, pinning her to the nearby wall. She kissed him back at first, but then pulled back after a minute, making a face. “You taste like mud.” “No shit,” he replied, starting lean in again before she stopped him. “Don’t think so,” she said, pushing him away from her. “Go get clean.” “I thought you were coming,” he frowned. “If I come we won’t get clean.” “So?” “What’s gotten into you?” Anna said, giving him a look. He gave her an exasperated look, before shrugging. “I have no idea. Can we just go with it?” “No! Go take a cold shower.” “Now?” he pouted. “Yes, now. We’ll talk after I get out of the shower.” “Fine,” he grumbled before trudging off to the shower. *** By the time she had finished in the shower, Dean had passed out while watching an old school monster movie on TV. She knew that probably wasn’t his intention, and the bare chest in front of her left her very tempted to wake him up and make him carry through on that promise from earlier, but she decided against it. She finished drying off her hair a little bit, before crawling under the covers next to him. Dean snorted slightly in his sleep, mumbling something about pie, and then rolling over to get closer to her. She laughed slightly, before turning off the TV and curling up closer, drifting off to sleep.

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