понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.

despairfaery: stuff.

Yesterday I ran away to six flags and took kristi, geno, and dora with me. AND it was free. It rocked. Had loads of fun, scads even. The park is getting nicer and nicer and I see that this year they've banned bathing suits thank GOD. Lots of scary stuff going on, lots of ghouls chasing people. I've never seen anyone move as fast as those three girls did when Jason came after them with his fake knife thingy. I LOVE Goliath but Batman is still better. The lines were crazy short and we were done after five hours. THEN we went to Ryans where I ate so much I thought I would actually die. Death by boneless barBque ribs is the way to go if you ask me. I picked my kids up from mom's and they were both burning up with fever. 102.9 for Bella, 101.8 for Travis. So I slept (haha) between to little fireballs all night. Travis seems better somewhat this morning but I kept him home anyway to rest. I'll be taking him to the doctor later today just to get that god damned NOTE for school. I absolutely hate that they make you do that now days. A note from ME should be good enough.
Bella isn't much better. Her fever is down but not by much. They caught this from Orion. Yay. I called Teri to tell her that my kids are sick, not because I didn't want to keep her son but because I just wanted her to know incase she didn't want him around the sickness. But she brought him anyway so hopefully he won't get it again. Then she's all " I hope they didn't get this from MY kids..." Well DUH, where the fuck do you think they got it? I just brushed it off. We found a nest so tiny and cute that I figure it could only be a humming birds nest, but before I could take a picture of it, Oliver ate it. I'm getting really excited about this halloween shindig I'm throwing for my family. I think I'm gonna be a fairy (big surprise) My little sister is gonna be one too and we are doing good fairy/ bad fairy. I'm the good BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA hey, it's halloween. ummmm let's see....http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21598,22492511-5005375,00.html
I got that from WTFOMG. At first I thought it was impossible to make the girl spin the other way just by concentrating but it wasn't long before I made her switch. Of COURSE I see her going clockwise. Do it!!!

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