вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.


Oh well :) Here I go giving in to the Livejournal craze! But I don't think I will use it much. This little game intrigued me, however, so I decided to create a journal to participate :D

Stolen from , ,  and :

One of the following statements is a lie. Please comment on this entry and tell me, which one you think it is. Comments will be hidden until tomorrow night, so everyone can take a shot in the dark :D

- I once drove 500 km with 4 passengers (two of them well over 100 kg) plus luggage in a small car through a snow storm at 120 km/h

- In elementary school I was moved up one grade because I disturbed the other children

- I once lived 6 months on white bread and cheap sausage in an empty flat with a computer, a mattress and one light bulb

- I got out of a 5000 EUR debt because the person I was owing money died

- I left home only when I was 28, after I had sex for the first time in my life

- I once started a fight with a policeman just to find out how it feels to be handcuffed for real

- I go out with only a shirt and pants at 5 °C

- Sometimes I go out into the forest at night, shed my clothes and sink out of sight in a mud bog

- I once crawled in 11 meters height on a 30 cm wide cable trussing with a roll of fiberglass cable on my back 15 m across a room

- I have high anxiety

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