среда, 10 октября 2007 г.

disolucion: Ugh..

Fuck this.
Yes, I'm going to be 'selfish'. You know what? I don't give a shit anymore, I really don't. I dont give a shit about the bitch who's pregnant with my love's kid. I don't care about the child at all and I'll keep my thoughts on it to myself. I'm not in the mood to hear someone bitch at me for speaking my miind. Learn to accept that people (not just me) DONT CARE about it, her, or the situation. Anyone who pities HER, is supporting her, and supporing that.. illigitimate child, you're a dumbass little prick. Hello? What about me? I'm the victim, she is not. The fact that everyone passes it off as okay, and either pities him or pities her is fucking bullshit. Don't pity her; she did it to herself, don't pity him; he did it to himself. I'm sorry, but what the fuck is up with everyone's sense of morality? I HATE that almost everyone that knows about it was lik "Oh yeah I already knew" or "Oh well" about it. Nobody is takig my side, and nobody is taking care of ME. They pay preg bitch more attention than me, when i'm the one that got fucked over and lied to for two years straight, and treated like shit. What the fuck? You feel bad for the bitch that knew he was dating me but fucked him anyway? There's a little something wrong with that, i'm sorry. You'e messed up in the head if you think otherwise. As far as i'm concerned: that kid won't ever be as smart, cute, lovable, or loving as one I would make. Sorry if that seems stupid to you, but it's the 100% truth. Caedon will never be able to compare, and his mother thinking so is really sad. At least my children will be wanted, and won't be accidents, and won't be desperate attempts to cling to people that aren't mine. Oh, and my children won't be subjected to any bullshit, and she's a big walking pile of shit, imo. It's like I don't exist to anyone until THEY need to talk. Fuck that, fuck you. If you're stupid enough to be supportive of reanna and the kid that shouldn't be existing at all, delete yourself from my friends list now. You obviously don't give a shit about me like you say and you have no place in my life. Think i'm bitter? Hell yes i'm bitter. Think i'm pathetic? Good for you. I think if you're stuck in some bullshit depression and cutting yourself, drugging, drinking, or whatever else; you're a deadbeat and are going to get absolutely nowhere anyway. Get over yourself, it's NOT that bad, and move on with your life you ignorant, arrogant wannabe-adults. STOP bitching. STOP crying. STOP dragging your feet and start doing something. All of you. There's no way you can say you're feeling worse than I have for the last 10 months. Fuck that, fuck you.

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