вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.

riles298: today is feeling stressful

I'm tired of teachers who assume they know the question you're asking, and cut you off in the middle to answer completely the wrong question, so that one of your classmates who knew exactly what you were trying to say has to rephrase and re-ask your question. I had such a hard time articulating thoughts today. The corn maze with Kati, Aaron, Katie, Bouse and Maggie was fun. I especially liked when Bouse pointed out that it was a maize maze, and when the little girl thought that Katie was a potential friend. I'm tired of people answering humanities questions with their religion rather than actually considering it. (Just because you believe that partaking of the apple was sinful doesn't mean that you wouldn't do it. Just because "God" told you to. Guess what? Judaism takes that same text and thinks that Eve did good and brought wisdom upon the world. And you know what? It's not like you're reading a different version. It's just that you're a closed-minded person.) I like: When people have already read the book I'm re-reading, and take time out of their day to discuss with me how much we enjoyed it. Listening to NPR in the morning. The fluid motion of a phone flipping open in my hand. The brief sting of waxing. When adults remember my name. Taking notes in notebooks, but not on loose paper. Waking up to my school alarm on weekends, turning it off, and going back to sleep. Walking in time to music, especially in heels. When the wind blows in the same direction that my hair is parted. The smell of cold air too early in the morning. Doodles as gifts. People who quit smoking. Knowing that I did a better job when I didn't have to. Trashy music with a good beat and a better hook. Having conversations about things that stress me with people who suffer the same stressors. Walking into the completely random parts of other people's lives. Sledding in jeans. Puddle jumping with serendipitous strangers. Being so distracted by conversation that you miss the sunset in front of you. Corn mazes and pumpkin patches and stepping on crunchy leaves. Perforated pages. Blank postcards. You. I don't like: People who confuse religion and faith. My inability to keep everything separated in my head. Clocks and the concept of time in general. People who walk around with their mouths open. Teachers who assume that you don't understand them and repeat themselves. Forgetting appointments. Having to convince people that I actually need a breast reduction, because I "don't look that big." Hair on pretty much everywhere but the head. The self-fulfilling prophecy that is the American educational system, when compared with, for instance, the Japanese. People who homeschool their children to keep them from supposedly negative influences. Required reading. Top 40 songs with improper grammar. My chest. Flared jeans. Shopping at Kroger, Walmart and Meijer.

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