вторник, 9 октября 2007 г.


I finally went clothes shopping! I am now sitting here wearing the most comfortable pair of sweat pants EVER. Seriously. When I tried them on, I didn't want to take them off. They're from Old Navy. I might have to go back. I went to the mall right after my last class today. I took the bus straight there and walked around for about 3 hours. I had a goal in mind of what I needed to buy because if I just go to the mall, either I buy nothing, or I buy stuff I have absolutely NO need for.
Not the case for tonight! Let's see... where are all my bags from...
Haha, my bags remind me of those Russian babushka (sp?) dolls, the ones that fit inside each other. There's the smallest bag from Steve & Barry's where I bought a cute tank from. Then there's the next one from Old Navy where I bought two more tanks, a sweater thing that was super comfortable (and on sale!), and these awesome dark blue sweats with stripes on the sides. The biggest bag is from Lady Foot Locker where I bought another tank and two pairs of running shorts. My very last bag is actually not the biggest, but it fit in there anyways. I went to Victoria's Secret and spent nearly $50. And everyone knows what you buy at VS. So no need to go into that. :P And it ALL went onto my credit card. :O No more of this "shopping" thing. I almost wish for the old days when Jenny and Leila would yell at me because I would never ever buy anything at the mall. :/ Nothing much of anything else is going on. I'm starting to have doubts about me and the "potential" (as Vanializ called him, which is actually quite appropriate). I'm wondering if we're approaching the dreaded "friend zone", the point of no return, so to speak. I don't know what to do. I have another Statistics test on Tuesday. AND a CT paper due. Normally, I would be more worried about the paper than the test. But this paper should be a cinch compared to this test. Help, anyone? -cries-
Taken from someone's MySpace bulletin.
Can you name 10 people?
Now, name 10 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 10 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first... NO CHEATING! --
1. Jenny
2. Kate
3. Patrick
4. Blake
5. Yoshi
6. Vanializ
7. Leila
8. Arielle
9. Sarah T.
10. Jacob
-- DON'T LOOK AHEAD UNLESS U FILLED UP THE TOP!! 1. How did you meet #3? We had 6th grade band together. Our sections sat next to each other. 2. What would you do if #2 and #6 were going out? I would be amazed, but I don't think they ever would. 3. How long have you known #8? Since fall of 06. 4. What do you think of #7? She's amazing, and I hope she's getting better. 5. What would you do if #4 confessed they loved you? I would be stunned, but would have to be like, "How?!" 6. A fact about #6: She lives in Holly. 7. Who's #5 going out with? I think he's single right now. 8. What does #1 do for a living? She's a full-time student, and works for a psych lab. 9. Would you live with #3? Next door to him. Not actually with him. 10. Where does #10 live? Somewhere around UF. 11. What do you like about # 1? She forgave me for being a complete a$$hole. 12. Does #2 like to dance? Yes! And she's pretty good too. 13. Do you miss #10? Not really... not anymore. 14. What is your opinion of #9? She's got a good head on her shoulders. She knows what she's doing and she's got a plan for her future. 15. Would you ever get drunk with #2? I already have, and I'd do it again. 16. What would you do if #1 and #5 were going out? Well, #1 is in a great relationship, and #5 is gay. BUT if they did... it would be interesting. 17. Ever gone somewhere with #10? Yes. We went to Tennessee with our church once. 18. Would you ever go out with #6? Sorry, but no. I'm not interested in girls. :P 19. Have you ever slep over at #1's house? Yes. 20. Have you ever slept with #8? No. And I never will. 21. Does #2 smell good? Sure? She never smells bad. :P 22. Does #9 play a sport? She's good at volleyball. 23. Have you ever dated #4? No... not yet. ;) 24. When was the last time you talked to #3? Saturday. 25. Have you ever partied with #7? Hahaha, absolutely. Most insane party I've ever been to.

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