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byberry_mod: Rules

Okay, here are a couple of rules for the community. MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY. Basics, it’s like this in almost every community. 1: NO ARGUING WITH THE MODS! Believe it or not, we do know what we are doing. There is a method to our madness. 2: Know the basic facts about your character. Since this is basically an AU rp just have some background and don’t change your character completely. You are only adding something onto them like bulimia or another disorder. The disorder is supposed to affect them, but please keep them realistic. Also, UNDERSTAND your characters illness! We know you’re not a doctor, but do your best. Try looking it up on www.wikipedia.org 3: Make sure that all your posts are friends only. Also, make sure there is a disclaimer in your journal or in your userinfo. No one wants to get sued, right? Right. 4: All illnesses MUST BE MOD APPROVED! No one wants a community full of people with the same type of illness. 5: DO NOT bring OOC (out of character) drama into IC (in character) drama! If it is said OOC it STAYS OOC. That being said, make sure you make CLEAR when you are IC or OOC. 6: You don’t have to talk to everyone, but you must be active! Don’t come tell the Mods that no one is talking to you if you are not talking to them. MAKE AN EFFORT. 7: No web speak. It’s annoying and ugly. 8: Update once a week. If not you’ll get kicked. If you are going to be unable to update for a period of time, tell the Mods and we will understand. Two chances, that’s it. If you keep missing your updates you are out. To prove you read this type your favorite number then an illness in the subject line of your application. 9: Don’t join the community if you don’t have time to rp. It’s a waste of our time as Mods and a waste of space. 10: You can use storybook or asterisk format. 11: People new to role playing are welcome, however, if you play like you are new, you will be treated that way. If you are new to role playing message a mod first and talk to them about it. They will rp with you for a bit then you can decide if you want to join or not. Do not join first. 12: DO NOT add or start talking to people in the community until you have been accepted. We will accept almost everyone, but wait for us to okay you first. 13: Have some fun! That’s what we are all here to do! Questions&Answers 1. How do I apply? First read ALL of the rules. Pick a character and create an AIM screen name for them as well as a livejournal account. Then fill out the following form:

2. Can I have a female character? NO GIRLS ALLOWED! Sorry, but it’s true. We don’t care if you want to be a lesbian. This is a Guy/Guy site only! 3. Are Mpregs allowed? Yes, however you MUST HAVE MOD APPROVAL! You will need to fill out the following form:

4. Can my character attempt/commit suicide? Attempt: Yes, your character can attempt to commit suicide NO MORE than THREE times! Each time they must have mod approval. 5: How many characters can I have? You can have 2 characters at MOST! You can apply for one and wait two weeks until you apply for a second. We will approve or deny your request depending on how active you are. Your characters must have DIFFERENT illness. You can be 1 patient and one administrator or 2 patients. NOT TWO administrators.

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