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deathbymutation: Thirteen: The Party's Over

Title: When the Party’s over
Series: Thirteen
Pairing: Jensen/Jared, minor Jensen/Tom
Rating: PG13 for language
Story Summary: Dear ole Jen isn’t always the center of attention
Note: This will be big and I got a soundtrack for it already!
Beta'd by Me…cause I couldn’t get one. Anyone up for it?

Previously… Jensen wandered around for few minutes, looking for his tall boyfriend and finally spotted Zorro on the makeshift dance floor with a leggy brunette on his right arm and a pretty blond twink on his left who was groping in places that boiled Jensen’s blood. He made his way over to Zorro and leaned close to his ear and whispered “Care to get me a drink?” Had this been anyone but Tom, Jensen would have stuttered, blushed and ran away before an answer could be given. But being intimate with someone for a long length of time changed the rules; Jensen was a little bolder than most in bed and less shy about kissing his lover in public. “Damn…you’re so fuckin’ pretty.” Zorro mumbled against Jensen’s reddening lips as he reached into his pack pocket for a condom. An hour later found Jensen driving home, swerving slightly as he brushed furiously at the tears that threatened to spill. He’d been right, Tom didn’t care at all, for all Tom knew he had just gotten lucky at Justin’s bash and Jensen would never even know . “So what’d you do all this time? Its after one in the morning. That’s a long time to be miserable at a party.” “Oh, I spent the night in the hot tub with Mikey and Erica. That new guy at work, Jared Pada-somethin’ came to the party without a costume so I loaned him my Zorro one. He told me he had an awesome time tonight.”
Was Tom cheating? That was the question that Jensen now found the most hilarious and the most painful. A) Tom was one of the most honest people Jensen’s ever met, B) Tom hadn’t been the one going down on some complete stranger at a Halloween party and finally C) Jensen was a horrible person, worse than the guy that tells little kids that there’s no such thing as Santa Claus. “Jenny, I gotta work late tonight. We can do dinner this weekend ok?” Seems Tom was noticing the subtle differences in Jensen’s behavior and was giving him space, thinking it was some creative writing process. Not that Tom would know creative if it bit him in the ass. The boy was simply regular when it came to making things, never took risks when painting a room and never strayed from what was considered ordinary . Sometimes it infuriated Jensen and at other times it was a relief, a relief from the constant flow of creativity that never seemed to stop forming in his mind. Like the song that never ends, Jensen’s mind was always on go…which explained why 90% of the time he had trouble sleeping, always staying up into the night way after Tom had gone to bed and was up an hour before he awoke. Tom often made a small comment, not wanting to offend but simply show he was worried. “Yeah, sure…this weekend, see you when you get home…I love you.” So for Jensen? Life wasn’t being too nice to him at the moment, his writing had come to a stuttering halt and his social life was teetering on non-existent. He didn’t know how to break it to Tom, how to explain that he had accidentally cheated. “That even sounds stupid in my head.” Jensen muttered to himself as he grabbed his keys off the table before heading out the front door. He locked the front door and headed to his car, a now dull 91’ Lumina. It had rust patches all along the rear end and squealed whenever Jensen took a turn to quickly. He’d always wanted something more, something completely…him. Mike had once made the joke that a Jensen car was one of those boring business-like cars that old men drove, Jensen had never hated the bald man more than at that moment. Yeah, alright so Jensen wasn’t exactly Mr. Adventurous but that didn’t make him old or boring. “Mornin’ Jensen, how’s Tommy?” Lauren from next door called over her wire fence where her dog was currently trying to dig his way to china, not Jensen blamed the poor guy, Lauren was quite a handful. “He’s just fine. See you around.” Jensen dismissed her quickly, not wanting to be dragged into one of her famous 3 hour gabber fests, especially in his sweats on their front lawn. “Bye, don’t be afraid to call someti-” Jensen slammed his car door shut, effectively cutting off her nasal whine. As much as he loved her lemon meringue pie, he couldn’t stand spending more than the usual 2 minutes with her. He fiddled with the radio station for a moment before deciding on a CD instead. High School Confidential began to thrum through Jensen’s low volume set speakers. As he pulled out of the driveway and onto the street he faintly tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. He smiled to himself, remembering one of his favorite episodes of Queer As Folk where Justin the cute but daring boy that he was, won the King of Babylon contest and showed Brian up. Sometimes Jensen really just wanted to take a page from Justin’s book and go after what he wanted, no matter what it cost him…or was that Brian too? Brian was more what the fuck ever, I want, I take, and you fuck off. There were things about Brian that Jensen had himself, like confidence to want, take, and not care whatever other people thought or his ability to walk into a room and with one look, own it. “What's that man doin with him, it's that guy...” Jensen sang along to Carole Pope, trying to hit the right key as he turned left. “…And he's screwin with him, can he feel the sex and sweat…” Jensen quickly turned down the volume and dug out his cell phone, flipping it open and barely looking at the caller ID before saying ”Hello?” “Hey Jenny, look sorry about canceling tonight but how about you, me and few of the guys from work get some late dinner together?” Tom suggested into Jensen’s ear, his voice taking a brighter tone. “Um…sure I guess, I mean I didn’t have anything planned but I thought…” you had to work late. Jensen added silently. “Yeah, I do but if you’re up for it. We can hit Nicky’s for a beer and wings or something. Wouldn’t be till about 10:30 though.” “Alright, look I’m about to hit the cameras, gotta go.” He hung up with a faint click just as he passed the newly installed traffic cameras. Thankfully, Jensen had never had an incident involving him and his car getting their picture taken but Tom had and so had Mike. Dinner, 11pm Jensen sat at their usual table, dressed in his worn grey shirt and grubby jeans that Tom claimed where too tight for public. But Jensen wasn’t really in the mood to care, he’d grabbed what was at the top of pile and left, hair still damp from the shower. “Hey there gorgeous.” Tom appeared as a shadow above him with a large grin on his face. “Sorry I’m late, Mike forgot his bag.” “S’alright, haven’t been here long.” “Ok so Jensen, you know Mike and this the new guy, Jared. Remember? The guy I lent my costume to?” Jensen’s eyes widened slightly, looking up at the 6 foot, 4 fuck me inches of meat that appeared from behind Tom. Oh shit… Was all Jensen could think before remembering he was suppose to shake hands when a hand is held out in front of him. “Nice to meet you, You’re all Tom talks about. Kinda annoying actually.” Jared let out an oomph when Tom swatted him in the gut before taking a seat across from Jensen and Mike. Jensen nodded back at Jared before looking at Tom; he had to focus his attention on Tom. Because Tom? Tom was the guy Jensen was in love with and had exchange thin silver partner rings with. Hell they were practically married, just not legally. “So what’s good here?” Jared asked, slumping in his chair, shirt rumpling slightly and Jensen should really not be finding this attractive but hey, less than 18 669 minutes and something seconds ago, Jensen had his skirt around his waist with Jared thrusting in from behind, that entitled him to look, like and most definitely not touch.
An hour into beers and hot wings, Jensen wasn’t sure if he should be offended or relieved that Jared barely seemed to notice Jensen was even alive. Relieved that Zorro didn’t remember his pretty little French maid that muttered French nothing into his ear as he came or offended that Jared didn’t find him attractive or entertaining enough to even feign interesting when Jensen explained his new book.
“And that goes to show that the mental construc-“
“So Tom, what’re you doing this weekend?” Jared interrupted Jensen, clearly not caring that he just interrupted him in the middle of something he was clearly passionate about.
“Uh got plans on Saturday with Mike, golfing.” Jensen looked at Tom sharply, not knowing anything about golfing this weekend. Apparently admitting at one point during sex that you didn’t like a certain sport permanently banned you from ever being invited to weekend trips to the country club. Of course Mike liked to golf, hell the man just about loved everything…even Tom’s barbeque which was freakishly weird because no one including Jensen, liked Tom’s cooking. That shit was lethal!
“Care to join, Jay?” Mike grinned, inviting him without so much as glancing in Jensen’s direction. Ok so sometimes, even if Mike was a pretty nice guy, Jensen just wanted to bash his shiny head in with an ice pick.
“Nah, can’t. Maybe next weekend? I kinda got plans on Saturday.” Mike grinned at Tom with a smile that clearly said looks like we’ve got ourselves another player.
“Next Saturday then?” Tom suggested, completely missing Jensen’s look of confusion. I thought we were goin’ to Justin and Erica’s…
“Sure, sounds like a plan. Where should I meet ya?” “You know where I live, just go there and we’ll carpool.” God you are a such a fuckin’ ass…and a soccer mom! Jensen wanted to kick Tom’s shin, reminding him they had a date but forced himself to let it slide, considering his own recent adventures.
“A’right. I gotta head out, m’girl is waiting for me at home.” Jared drawled before lazily standing up and stretching, a small smirk forming when he noticed the way Jensen’s skin was flushed. A week later, Saturday, 7:03pm “Uh…what’re you doing here?” Jensen said, opening the door to reveal Jared standing there, soaked to the bone. “Came to ask if I could borrow y’er damn phone but if that’s too much I can always go bug that whiney chick next door.” Jared raised an eyebrow, side stepping Jensen and walking into house. “Sure, make yourself at home.” Jensen glared at wall, closing the front door before following Jared into the kitchen where currently a nice large puddle of water was gathering at Jared’s feet. Some how from the 3 brief encounters with Jared that didn’t include the costume party, led Jensen to one conclusion. Jared was a fucking prick. Jensen couldn’t stand to be near him. His arrogance is suffocating!
“So you gonna offer me a drink or what?”
“You do know that Tom and Mike left for golfing over 8 hours ago and probably at Nick’s getting a beer, why not just go bug them?” Jensen felt tempted to spit in Jared’s glass of water but decided acid was a better idea. Maybe that’d teach him to shut up for once.
“Aw Jensen I’m wounded, don’t you like having me around?” Jared put on his best innocent face and puppy dog eyes that he could muster but Jensen didn’t believe it for second.
“Like hell.”
“Mmm, feisty.” Jared gulped down the glass of water that Jensen passed to him in a matter of 3 seconds. “Anyways, the hell would I go golfing for? Do I look like Tiger Woods to you?”
“Am I actually suppose to answer that?”
“Good.” Jensen muttered before walking into the living room and grabbing the cordless phone and held it out to a confused Jared. “You said you needed the phone.”
“Nah, I’m good. Got a cell.”
“Then remind me why the hell you’re here, interrupting my work?” “Cause then I wouldn’t be lying when I tell Tom that I came by but they’d already left for golfing. Can’t very well tell them that only old men and stuffy business men play golf, now can I?”
“Just go home will you? I have work to do.”
“Fine.” Jared set his glass down and brushed past Jensen and just after he opened the front door, he looked over his shoulder and smirked. “I still prefer the skirt and duster over sweats and books.” He winked before turning and walking out of the house. ---- So? What's the verdict? Is more wanted? Please lemme know if there's any errors, I don't have a beta so I probably missed a few things.

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