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ginsengdrummer: Cursed to be born poor and pretty (1/2)


Title: Cursed to be born poor and pretty (2/2)



Rating: NC-17 AU

Pairing: Frankie Iero/M. Shadows/Synyster Gates

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. It didn’t happen. This fiction in no way represents the people mentioned within. I do not profit from these stories.

Summary: Frankie’s in trouble at school and has to go to the principal’s office. Mr. Shadow is the kind of headmaster that believes in discipline and to Frankie the punishments hardly fit the crime.

A/N: Sorry but I had to post this in two parts since LJ things it’s too large for one post.



For the second time that week, Frankie was sent to the principal’s office. It hadn’t been without reason. During English class, Frankie had beaten the shit out of one of his classmates. The stupid jock deserved it and Frankie didn’t regret a single drop of blood that was spilled.


He had been in trouble since the end of junior high when his parents divorced. Mrs. Iero had to work two jobs so they could keep their house and she was too busy to notice that her son found new, older friends that taught him every trick in the book.


When Frankie reached high school, his mother had trouble keeping her jobs. She spent too much time fighting with her boyfriend or drowning her sorrows with cheap wine. She was always tired or drunk so Frankie did as he pleased. As a last resort, before he got thrown out of school altogether, Frankie was transferred to a remedial/disciplinary school.


When Frankie found himself outside the principal’s office it was hardly an unfamiliar situation for him. He thought about getting out of there, but since his mother had been called to an interview for the available job in the cafeteria, he decided against it.  He knew that he should have thought about his mother when he punched the other guy in the face, but it was too late for that now. So he stayed put and waited in the uncomfortable chair in front of the large oak desk.


Being a principal at a school with a RD program wasn’t the best position in the school system, but Matt Shadows liked it. He had spent his fair amount of time on the streets, in prison and later on, in the army. He knew how to deal with insubordinate little kids and he did it well. Unlike most of the other principals in the district his uniform consisted of all black clothes preferable jeans and t-shirt. He was quite an intimidating man who gladly exposed his massive, tattoo-covered arms.


Frankie couldn’t see the principal when he entered, but he could hear him. He was well built and walked with confident steps across the old hardwood floor. Principal Shadows sat down in the large black leather chair, stared at the student and sighed.


“Why do you always get in to trouble Iero?”


Frankie looked up and met the principal’s eyes for a quick moment.


“He had it coming… Fucking homophobic jock.” The last words were spoken under his breath.


Frankie looked down and fingered the sleeve of his jacket. He cursed silently when he discovered a cigarette burn. He really had to get a new jacket. He used to be good at shoplifting, but had gotten a reputation and could hardly walk into a store without being closely monitored. Dying for a smoke, he began to bite his fingers.


An uncomfortable feeling spread from the pit of his stomach. He was being watched. Frankie peeked up from his hands. He hated the look the principal gave him. Even though he was kind of short, Frankie was fully aware of the fact that he was good looking. People wanted him, he knew it and from time to time, he used it to his advantage. But he hated that look in situations like this, when he was degraded and a subject under the principal’s will. He tried to ignore the larger man and occupied himself with giving the impression that he was indifferent and bored. A few minutes passed until the principal spoke again.


“This doesn’t look good…” Principal Shadows wet his lips. “Not at all… Especially since your mother so desperately needs a job. You can’t expect me to give her one when her son’s the worst student of all the little assholes that attend this place.”


“What the fuck?! Leave her out of this! That fucking freak was begging for it! It’s not my fault!” Frankie stared angrily at the principal.


Mr. Shadows got up from his chair and walked over to the short boy. He placed his hand on Frankie’s shoulder and gave it a hard squeeze.


“Watch your mouth.”


Frankie looked down, angry and upset. He knew how much his mother needed that job. His life was pretty miserable, but at least they had a home. He would hate if they had to move. He was desperate. He knew exactly what kind of dark lusts hid behind the look he was being given. He had been barely fifteen when he had encountered it for the first time. He had a pretty good idea of what it would take to convince the principal of hiring his mother. He gritted his teeth.


“I’ll do anything if you’d only help my mom.” Frankie used his tiniest, most submissive voice. “Anything. Please!”


He looked up at the larger man, brown eyes insincerely filled with sadness and regret. Frankie cursed the day he had discovered how to manipulate people with his looks and his body.


“Anything, you say… You really want your mother to get this job, don’t you?”


Frankie nodded and tightened his hand into a fist.


“I’ve always found you intriguing Iero.” The principal spoke calmly, almost too calm. His hand moved down from Frankie’s shoulder to his chest. “You’re not like the other dumb fucks around here, you’re smarter. Good looking too. You know how to behave when it really matters, right?”


Frankie swallowed hard but kept quiet. Principal Shadows stood up smiling and took off his shirt.  Frankie felt like screaming. He hated that sick bastard.


”The rumour mill says you’re kind of slutty, doing both girls and boys. You like guys and they tease you for it. That’s why you beat up that guy in your class, right? So I guess you have done this before Frankie.”


The young student in front of him shuddered, not so much out of fear but of disgust. Principal Shadows grabbed him by the chin and tilted his head up.


“Haven’t you?”


Frankie mumbled a barely audible ‘yes’.


Mr. Shadows laughed as he walked around the room locking the doors and folding the blinds.


“Oh, I bet you’re good.” Matt grinned widely.


Frankie felt a chill run up his spine. His hand was in a tight fist, knuckles whitened. His tears felt like a big lump in his throat, but he would never give the principal the satisfaction of seeing him cry. That would probably turn him on even more. Frankie felt nauseous as he watched principal Shadows lean back against the large desk and unbutton his tight jeans.


“Come here Frankie. Get on your knees like a good boy.” His voice was calm and neutral.


Frankie was disgusted by how mildly and kind the perverted creep spoke. If he had screamed and hit him, it would have been easier, He was used to being treated like that by his mother’s boyfriends. But the principal was a calculating and coldhearted fucker. Frankie wondered if Mr. Shadows kept a gun in one of his drawers. He wanted to finish the asshole off.  Thoughts of hate and violence ran through his head at a thousand miles an hour.


“Come on. Let’s go.”


Frankie stood up and walked slow and reluctantly towards the principal. Shadows pressed the smaller boy down so he was on his knees right in front of him. Frankie closed his eyes as the principal shoved his jeans and boxers down his thighs. A strong hand in his hair, Frankie opened his mouth. It was soon filled with Matt’s throbbing hard on. He enveloped his slim fingers around the coarse shaft in a feeble attempt to keep the principal from thrusting too far. Shadows moaned from the sweet sensation of Frankie’s lips and hand. The younger man gagged, a small tear fell down his cheek and he closed his eyes tightly. In his head he repeated the words ‘don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry’.


His silent prayer was disrupted when principal Shadows held him by the hair with both hands and pushed harder and faster into his mouth. The bitter tasting seed hit Frankie’s mouth with such a force, it made him cough. He tried to hold his breath. Matt withdrew. Frankie covered his mouth with his hand, so close to throwing up that he couldn’t stop tears from falling


Shadows grabbed Frankie by the hair, pulled his head back and whispered in his ear


“If you spit it out I’ll tell the whole school what a dirty little whore you are. That you blow any one any where.”


Frankie had to swallow, but he couldn’t.  Breathing through his nose he tried three times before he finally downed the vile liquid. The principal let go of his hair and patted him scornfully on the head.


“Good boy. You may leave.”




Frankie was in the parking lot, smoking. He had almost repressed the incident at the principal’s office a week earlier when Shadows caught him by the throat and pushed him to the brick wall. Frankie dropped the cigarette and closed his eyes in fear.


“Well hello there.” Shadows bent down and picked up the cigarette without removing his hand from the student’s neck. ”Smoking isn’t allowed in school, you know that Frankie.”


Matt smiled, showing a lot of teeth as he took a drag on the cigarette and blew smoke in Frankie’s eyes. He let go of the smaller boy. Frankie slipped down the wall; he tried to look confident as he sat down on the ground, out of the principal’s reach, with his arms around his knees. He didn’t succeed.


“I just came by to let you know that it looks like your mother’s not getting that job.”


Frankie threw his head back and stared at the principal with hatred in his eyes.


“B… but…!”


“You see the head chef says that she wants someone with a little more experience… But I am the principal and do have the finally call but she’s the one who’s doing all the cooking. So...”


Shadows stoked Frankie’s hair, then his cheek.


“If you…” He tilted Frankie’s head back so that the boy saw him touching himself, strong hand stroking a jean clad groin. ”I might reconsider…”


Frankie looked away and swallowed hard. He would never touch that fucking asshole again. No matter what. Hatred clouded his mind and he was so upset he couldn’t speak. He wiped away a tear quickly with the sleeve of his hoodie.


“I’ll give you a few days to consider my proposition. I promise it will be worth your while. Your mother will get that job if you’d just … motivate me.”


Later that day when he came home he found his mother at the kitchen table. There was a bottle of wine right next to her, half of it gone.


“Hi sweetie, maybe we could order pizza, I haven’t made any dinner…”


Frankie could tell from the way she slurred that it must have been the second bottle for the day.


“It’s okay mom, I’m going out anyways.”  Frankie smiled tryingly at his mom.


“No baby, I’ll fix something.” She swayed slightly when she stood up. “I’m just a little upset. It looks like I’m not getting that job at your school. The head chef said that the principal was late giving his approval and that they might not hire after all.”


Frankie felt uncertain. All this was his fault. But he wasn’t sure if he could trust the principal when he said he would fix everything. He just wanted to forget the whole situation and get wasted. He couldn’t stand seeing his mom upset and sad.


For two days he dwelled on his dilemma and came to the conclusion that he had to help his mother. Her drinking got worse when she was unemployed. It was a small sacrifice, something he had to do to keep his family out of the projects homes across town.


To be continues right away…

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