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the_streets: high s'cool aka football friday night

I can't believe that it is already October. And that its 2007.

I went with the girls to only the 2nd high school football game I've ever been to tonight. It was pretty hilarious. It was Big Walnut and Dublin Scioto.

Dublin's marching band was all dressed in black... And during halftime they did the most awesome thing ever: played all Metallica. I think Metallica is one of the greatest things to hear done by a marching band. It's really not too great in it's Metallicized form, but yes. Yes. It was really awesome. They were actually pretty good. 
The other funny funny thing that happened was a total misunderstanding:
Big Walnut does something a lot like "O-H," except they say "Big What? BIG NUT!" Okay, so that was funny. But then Alisa was saying that they should call their stadium the "nut hut." I misheard and thought she said it was called the nut hut. So I was in line at the concession stand and asked this kid behind me all decked out in Big Walnut gear what the Nut Hut was. He was like, "What are you talking about?" The Nut Hut wasn't real. I thought it was. Hilarious.
I guess its funnier if you were there, because I don't hear you laughing.

It got me thinking about how crazy it is that I'm 23 and graduated from high school five years ago. That's so wild. I feel like I've done so much yet so little in that five year span. I think my life is on a completely different trajectory than I ever imagined. I mean, there's God in it and there's Jonathan in it and Elijah and plans... Its really wild. If 17 or 18 year old me knew what was going to happen in the next five years, I think she would be really freaked out. Yet none of it is completely improbable (except for Elijah... I never thought in a thousand years there'd be a him). Its cool how life works out. 
I'm pretty happy... I guess a theme in my thinking for the last little while has been reflection. Where'd I travel to get where I am? How am I different now? A lot of it is probably because of law school. Like, law school wasn't even on my radar until my 2nd year of college. Yet the things that were always on my radar, like journalism and teaching, are completely unappealing to me now. It's crazy how I started college with the goal of being in academia eternally and now I'm so completely jaded about academia that grad school for English is pretty much repulsive. That could change, though. Everything else has. 
What I like the most about my journey is how aimless and half-assed its been. I like it and hate it. I feel like I stumbled into so much and I guess that's what scares me about law school kind of is that its a plan. It's the first time that something has really felt right and made sense as far as a career goes. That really scares me. I'm excited and scared. But I'm also reigning my hopes in and not letting them float/run off because... ... ... ...

Another thing I was thinking about while at the football game is how weird it is to be in that whole high school social strata again. I mean, I did go to nerd school, but we weren't exactly immune to elitism and bullshit of that nature. I found myself ascribing to a social system that I was never a part of, but it was very natural still. Kind of crazy how that happens. Maybe its because I've watched Mean Girls and the Breakfast Club too many times. Maybe because it never ends. It just morphs. However, when it comes to God and the church, I've found that it's much easier to make friends with people that are completely unlike you. And actually care about them and have it reciprocated. That's a good thing. 

At work tonight, one of my coworkers forgot my name. I ignored her when she called me Annie. And then our other co-worker, who also forgot my name, went over to the schedule to find out who I was, wrote it on a post-it, and gave it to the first. 

I'm at work right now, and so is she. She's sleeping at her desk. I kind of want her to get fired.
I mean, I bothered to learn your name. (grrtangular)

Well, Jonathan's birthday party is a week from tomorrow. I'm excited. I think we're going to make a cake with like, a fire truck (elijah's favorite) and a poker chip or something (wait, that's fucking genius and I just thought of it right now!! I'm awesome!!). I'm trying to come up with decoration ideas that are cheap. I'm also trying to figure out how we'll organize everything. It's going to be at Laci, Jill and Ryan's house, which is a really cool split-level house. I think we'll have kids stuff in the basement (carpet), we'll cook out or something on the deck... I'm mostly typing this for my own good so that I can look back and know what I was thinking because its nearly 6am and I get off at 8 and I'm crashing when I get home. AND SO YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE INVITED!! Yeah. run on sentences rule.
I think I should take a class in syntax and grammar and stuff.

I still don't really know what a comma splice is.

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