пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

ab_intra8: Rollin like a freight train/glidin like an aeroplane/feelin like a space brain one more time tonight

So yeah....it's been awhile.  Right now I'm in the middle of writing a paper that's due in six and a half hours.  One more page to go...wooo What's changed since the last post...well I'm feeling less depressed (though now I'm running on fumes).  I hope the situation works out.  But right now I'm not concerned.  I know that it'll be alright in the end. It's a busy weekend coming up.  Here's my schedule: Fri, Oct. 5
8 am - class
930 am - class
1230 pm - jam
130 pm - laundry
4ish pm - depart for hartford, ct
7 pm - state radio Sat. Oct. 6
1 pm - Homecoming football game Sleep's become secondary at the moment.  I think Sunday I won't be up till 3. There are a couple girls that I'm probably going to ask out on dates, one I'm more interested in, but we'll see.  They both seem interested back, one keeps going out of her way to say hi, the other I keep running in to and having nice chats. Yeah, it's fucking late.  Time to take my pills and finish this paper. I'm already betting I won't wake up for my 8.  Way to optimistic, I know. Arrivederci

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