пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

loverbabe101: "Here's looking at you"

ok again I am late with the daily dish, lucky though yesterday's wasn't too great, people must have been selfish as there was only 4 published but i think only 2 are worthwhile putting up.... THIS IS FOR YOU:
To the girl with curly hair, wearing a black top who took the 6pm train from North Sydney to Central on Tuesday. I hope you pick up today's mX and read this. You are gorgeous. -PG, Petersham HERE'S CHEERS:
To the gal for whom I bought beers in Strathfield yesterday. I guess you need me next year too. Happy Birthday again. - Harry, Strathfield however today's is much much much much much much better! people felt the love! YAY! THANKS FOR THE BEST VIEW:
To the hot Indian girl with the white handbag on the Perith express at five, I was watching you through my sunglasses. -DH, Penrith WHAT A MAN:
Here's to my gorgeous husband, Craig, who catches the train to Bondi from Carlton. You are the sexiext man ever. -Jenette, Carlton SHOW TIME:
To the spunk wearing the blue ABC IT shirt on the Bankstown line, with those eyes you are a star. You should have your own show. -Brit, Central HEART'S DELIGHT: 
To the beautiful dark-skinned girl in a waistcoat and black skirt-you got on the 6:45pm train at St Leonards on Tuesday and set my heart a flutter. -JB, Gordon NOTICE ME:
What does a six-foot-three, brown-haired, blue-eyed Aussie have to do to get noticed around Sydney? I never seem to have any luck. -Andy, St Leonards MISSED CHANCE:
To the brunette stunner on the 5:15pm from Town Hall who got off at Rockdale on Wednesday- I was hoping you'd squeeze by me. But your smile more than made up for it. -Stephen, Hurstville HOPES HIGH:
To the blonde girl who was in tears travelling on the express from Ashfield to the city on Tuesday- I hope that everything works out for you. I hope that I'll see you smiling next time. -Eric, Homebush man people are so sweet when they want to be, my heart practically melted when i read these, and i can't remember how many times i awwwwwwwed them all, and i literally posted them all up, because they were all so great that i couldnt choose! enjoy... :D:D:D

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