суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.

blackpeace: Back home.

So...I am back home on a Saturday night. Rather surprising, considering that just about every other past Saturday has been spent outside in town or something, hanging out and chilling out and drinking.

Am supposed to be reading my FM and must finish the tutorial tonight somehow, but I'd just take a short break now to blog for a moment. 

Last night went out to Marina Square to meet Justin for dinner. He's never tried Azabu Sabo before (omg!!), so we went there for dinner. 

Rimg1305.jpg picture by blackpeace

After that we walked over to Timbre to get a drink and listened to a live band. Some stuff happened there as well that kinda made me have a certain reaction that I did not expect to have.

Rimg1303.jpg picture by blackpeace
Hall 8 reading room. Asked Shyan Jun to help me take a picture. :D

Rimg1304.jpg picture by blackpeace
What I ordered.

Rimg1312.jpg picture by blackpeace
What he ordered. Looks not bad. It's new on the menu.

Rimg1307.jpg picture by blackpeace
Me and my partner.

Rimg1308.jpg picture by blackpeace

Rimg1310.jpg picture by blackpeace
Does anyone know what this means?

Rimg1311.jpg picture by blackpeace
Justin makes tea-drinking look good.

Rimg1314.jpg picture by blackpeace
Dessert. Yum

Rimg1315.jpg picture by blackpeace
Chuck Bast wanna-be.

Rimg1317.jpg picture by blackpeace
Work it, HK!

Rimg1322.jpg picture by blackpeace
I like this picture. ^-^

Rimg1324.jpg picture by blackpeace
Sex on the beach.

Rimg1328.jpg picture by blackpeace
He's got a bit of 'deer in the headlights' look going on there.

Rimg1331.jpg picture by blackpeace

Rimg1332.jpg picture by blackpeace
Pop my cherry?

Rimg1334.jpg picture by blackpeace
He did that with his tongue. Apparently people who can do it are good kissers?? Well, Justin's certainly got a small and pointy tongue...

Did Biz law tutorial this afternoon. About 4pm, I started packing up to go home. Saw Shyan Jun, who was leaving with two other hallmates, so I decided to go with them. Haha, the Birkenstocks box that I saw last night while going back to my room was really Shyan Jun's! Hahaha.

Anyway, told him what happened. Shyan Jun said that people have been noticing Justin around hall 8 too. Eileen has started to noticed him and Chee Chong (because he had been at Zouk too). 

WT asked what's the status and honestly, all I can say is that it's quite complicated. I think I am afraid of losing him before we even started. Not to mention that he's not bad looking and a good catch. If some other girl comes along and feels that way too, then well, I'll just be a good friend eh? 

But - I've decided. Whatever. People can say what they want. Whether I'm good enough for him or not. Seriously, whatever. Whether Justin can find someone else better. It hurts a bit to think that people don't think I'm good enough for him and that he can do better, but whatever, you know?

I'm just going to do my thing, you know? Be me, be Emma Valentino, be nephthys. If people can't take it, then that's just too bad.

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