суббота, 6 октября 2007 г.

angry_aussie: Countdown to the end of the year

So, we have entered the wind down and exam prep stage of semester 2. I know I should start studying now, but I am feeling a little aimless at the moment. To try and fix that I'm getting a drop on what I think is the last Linguistics assignment, and it looks like they have saved the most annoying till last. I have to survey at least ten people, five male and five female, on how often and to whom they use the address terms "dude", "mate" and "babe". As it's due at the end of the week, and I don't particularly feel like doing a last minute faking of all the data, I'm going to be pestering people around college. Five males is a pushover, I'll do one and annoy the engineering boys with them. As we're meant to use Aussies for this, the females are a bit more of a problem. There are about three girls who were raised in Australia, so I may just average their scores and forge a couple of other surveys with similar data. I'm also paying the careers centre a visit on Monday to get some advice on subject choice for next year, how I should structure my degree and all that. I'll also ask if it's worth my while transferring to a Psych degree and what I need to catch up if I do. Other than that it's been a fairly quiet week. My friend of the crippling illnesses earlier this semester came up for a visit on Thursday. It was good to see her again, and she looks completely recovered. She's planning on moving up to Sydney around the end of the year to catch up her degree a little at summer school and find work. I'm almost certainly moving the fuck out of college after exams are done with. I am sick of this bloody place. The good people here are simply not worth it for the shitheads and the drama that you just can't escape from ever. I've been asking the few people I know think the same way as me, and who I actually enjoy spending time with if they're still interested in finding a share mid-November-ish. At the moment they say they are, but like me they're focussing on finishing the semester before starting the house hunt. We'll have to combine study and the search at some point, because I finish my exams only two days before the semester ends and they turf us out of the house. Ideally I'll have a place lined up and my stuff packed up so's I can finish exams and get the fuck out with no muss and no fuss. Even if the average weekly rent for Sydney has just gone up, three people in a share should dull the pain of the rent a little. And if we keep to the staple student diet of 50c noodles and meat being a rare and interesting thing in our diets we should be laughing.
I will also have to get a job during the holidays, since my student allowance will stop for three months or so. I'll probably sign up to a temping agency or something, since I really really can't stand the thought of returning to bar work. Temping is much more flexible as well; when Sarah comes back home in around Christmas I can just tell them I don't want a placement for a week or two, and so be able to come home for the big family gathering too. This is all the very vague and abstract plan for the next few months as I see it, and any or all of these things is liable to change.

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