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crazybisxlbbw: Drug Experience

This is going to be one the hardest entries yet for me to deal with and type out, there is a lot of things in my past I wished I never did, but I have grown from it and learned lessons. Not everything is going to be in order, but I will try my hardest. Starting point was in the summer when I was 12 turning 13, or I might have just turned 13 already, a few friends and me decided to smoke weed one night, which was easy for us to get our hands on. Our friend Breanna’s mom did everything under the sun so we had access to it, and could do it without her knowing (which in the end she didn’t care) anyways the first few times I smoked weed, I didn’t get high at all. I used to think I was the shit because I would be able to smoke & smoke & smoke while everyone else was high. But it was only because my body had to build a tolerance towards it, before it would let me feel the affects. The first time I was officially high I loved it but at the same time it made me freak out a bit, everything was slow mo, I could feel and hear my breathing change, but it was a feeling that I can never explain. We used to have 10+ people at Breannas house just hanging out, jackassing around, listening to music, & getting high. I have a lot of great memories from that time period, so I can honestly say I do not regret any of it. From then I have smoked weed, I have stopped for periods of times, but never really quit. That probably makes no sense, but when I was on probation I stopped so I wouldn’t fail my UA’s, when I was pregnant with Ethan I stopped, I had 1 job and I stopped not because they gave UA’s etc… On October 31, 1998 I had smoked crank with a associate, and damn….. that’s all I can say. Crank is a drug that you will either Love or Hate right away, and in most cases even if you hate it you love it. I was instantly hooked. At first it started as I would do it whenever I had the chance to, but it turned into a addiction without me realizing until 2 months later. Crank would prove to be the hardest addiction ever in my entire life, I can honestly say I am still addicted to it. I don’t do it anymore, and I try to avoid it whenever possible because I know that I am still addicted and will always be. Im not going to explain the details of crank besides the negative things it has done in my life, because I realize when I talk about it to other people who are curious about trying it, I usually say things that encourage them to try it, when the point I was getting at was for them not to.. I was using for a total of 2 years and 1 month, at first not constantly but it soon turned into constantly. Onto the negative things of crank - you can do a few foileys, feel the tweaking but as long as you have more on the table you will keep smoking it, it will keep you up for days if not weeks depending on how much you do and continue to do while you are up, you will do anything in your power to get some if you don’t have the money, some people go to extreme cases, I stole money from my parents L , you start to go crazy once you been up past a day on it, you get paranoid, loose a lot of weight fast, it fucks up your teeth, I have a permanent black mark on my bottom lip from smoking crank, your lips go numb, if you snort it the drip is fucking gross, you loose cartilage in your nose, and most of the time you will start coughing and crank will come up. I went through a lot of ruff patches in my life because of crank, I have slipped a few times and did it after quitting. And I know if given the opportunity again it would be hard for me to resist. I have flashbacks of the feelings all the time, my head (hair follicles) will tingle, sometimes I get weird burst of energy that feels like it did when I was on crank. I will have shorter descriptions for most of the rest from here out, Coke I did it once and it was pretty good until 30 minutes later I didn’t feel the affects anymore, I would never buy it because its too expensive, people get addicted quick, and it didn’t last long enough for me to like it. Acid haha I have a lot of funny ass memories from tripping, all in all acid is ok I would do it again. Shrooms I liked the high but I could not stand the texture or the taste I hate mushrooms period so I had a hard time eating shrooms, I had to make shroom sandwiches with Doritos so I could drown out the taste and have the crunchy to avoid the texture as much as possible. Crack I cant lie I tried it one time not too long ago and after the first hit I had to walk out of the bathroom, it is like crank in the sense of once you had some you want more, it made my lips go numb right away, and it tasted funny, but the biggest reason I had to get out was because I was afraid after having the feeling of hitting it again that I would get addicted and not only that I kept thinking OMG Corrie its crack CRACK lmao. X - now this is one that I absolutely love, and will continue to do every now and then. The very first time I rolled was fun it was in CA I was 14 at the time, after we dropped we went to the beach and on the way I started blowing up, I was like hell yea I like this shit. We all sat on the beach forever just jackassing around and the sand felt reallllllly good. I ended up getting left on the beach while they went walking, I was cool with it because I was playing in the sand lol. When we got back to the house I was already starting to come down and started feeling gross because of the sand so I took a shower when we got back, the bottom of the tub had about a inch of sand covering about 60% of the bottom lol. I have since done it numerous of times, the only things that suck is, you have to chew the pill instead of just swallowing, but I know a trick that makes it easier J , and the next day after it you just feel like shit not in a bad way, but all you want to do is lounge around the house and not do anything. X would have to be the best drug I have ever taken, it last the longest, and for 4-8 hours of fun for 25-60 bucks (depending on what you get and who you get It from) ends up being the cheapest. X makes your head big, you suddenly feel like you’re the sexiest person in the entire world, but if you don’t do it in a positive atmosphere it wont turn out to be as fun or good as it could be. Anyways this entry is getting really long and I think I typed out all the drugs I have taken so I will end this one J If anyone reads these and wants to know about any specific experiences I have been through or my opinion on anything than leave me a note & let me know. That way I have something to write about, instead of thinking what to write next J

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