пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

jzzz: wildflowersoul

01:05 10.10.2007

You know what feels kind of silly? Making more than one phone call to inquire about stores' stocks of fresh turkeys. I want fresh, not frozen! Un-brined so I can brine it myself! Wait- as I wrote this, I succeeded in finding one! Sweet. Poultry is good.

I am way more excited than I should be, as a sane person, for the season premiere of Supernatural tonight. Also- Gossip Girl mildly caught my interest last night, enough for me to keep it on probation for one more week, but it's still not nearly as charming as I'd hoped it would be. Dirty Sexy Money last night was not as entertaining as the pilot, but it was still much more awesome than I had anticipated this series would be. Also very excited for 30 Rock and the Office tonight! I watch too much tv!

In non-tv news, kung-fu continues to rock, as last night I attempted spinning reverse fan kicks.


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