пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

abi516: catching up

well well. the guy from last friday night has finally emailed me. just when i'd decided it was time to mentally dismiss him from my list. hmm. yes... this casual dating thing is definitely new to me! and potentially very confusing. i'm already starting to get some guys mixed up. yeesh! what else? not much really. my meeting last night got canceled, which i was pretty much happy about. so that meant i could just go home and veg. and that's precisely what i did. tonight? more of the same. no hot dates planned. and i'm a-ok with that. next week could be busy, so i'll take what i can get now. i'm actually going to sneak out of work early and get my hair cut. yes... i know. living on the edge. but it was either this afternoon or sometime too far from now. my bangs are getting to the critical length of annoyance and something must be done. then it may be a trip to blockbuster and a movie night for me after running a few other errands. tomorrow i'm going to be working the bsu football game at a concession stand for the youth group at church. not so much excited, but glad to help anyway. then i think the girls are getting together for a movie and pizza and beer. sounds good to me! i'm looking forward to that. so... another relatively busy weekend. not much planned yet for sunday outside of church, so that's good. and by the way... this weather sucks! it's october! it's not supposed to be 88 degrees out!

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