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leather_pearl: Anti-Apple ~

(real name if possible) Ruby~
Nicknames: ..Ruby, some reason i have the nickname Rusty. O_O
Age: 14!
Gender: F
Eyes: Brown? Brown ~
Hair: Red, long.  Well, auburn..
Likes (includes hobbies): Um, art, anime and writing, dark chocolate (lactose intolerant T_T) Art museums, having people think I'm smart!  Movies and friends, Lager   <3
Dislikes: Hypocrites, patronizing people, Logical stuff (since I can't think properly lol) fake people.  Etc.  OH and clowns *shiver*   And mice and Romantic Comedy movies.
Do you have a preference as to which gender you're rated as? ..huh?  What does that mean O_O do people think I'm a guy? *paranoid*  O right *slaps head* What did I say about not being able to think!  No, of course not..i would rather be a guy in Death note since most of the girls suck lol.

In Depth
Strong Points (includes talents):
Urgh,  I'm reserved and people seem to like me to talk to,  i'm good at art and drama and stuff like that, oo and I kickbox!  and I own at videogames lol,  and I am level headed, and like peace and quiet ^-^   
Goals/Ambitions: oo, ive pretty much planned ahead lol,  Film director or a make-up artist..something to do with films since i am OBSESSED with any Quentin tarantino, Tim burton, Terry Gillam, John waters or Alfred Hitchcock movie.  ^-^  But, I'm gunna see where life takes me.
Weak Points (includes bad habits):  Nail biter! *throws confetti*, quite emotional, like my alone time, My mind is all mushy when It comes to maths.
Describe yourself in 3 words: Reseved, creative, slinky ~_-

Favorite Color:
black,white and red
Favorite Food: Tap-in-neak-kee , (have no idea nhow to spell it, its that japanese food that gets cooked in front of you)
Favorite Animal: Tiger!  And penguin!  So cute!
Favorite Fruit: O_O um.. Melon?
Favorite Flavor: Sweet!
Favorite Scent: Petrol!
Favorite Element: GOLD +_+
Favorite Quote: "I don't believe in discrimination...I hate everyone equally."

Optimistic or Pessimistic:
Optimistic ^_^  Surprisingly.. I do believe in Positive thinking.
Hyper or Calm: Calm, have a been typing a million "lols" or "omgs!" *reads throw work*  fine.. still!  I'm barely ever hyper.
Impulsive or Cautious: surprisingly..Impulsive!  I just do things.
Outgoing or Shy: Shy! *hides*
Mature or Immature?: Mature lol,
Leader or Follower?:  "Don't follow leaders, man."  So like, um... wait if Im a leader then..then I would need followers, but I would have no followers cuz they just listened to the quote I just said..er O_O Follower! No..er *shoots self*  I'll just say Follower since that's pretty much Right lol.
Hugs or Kisses? Kisses! ~_-

Death Note
Favorite Character:
three:  mello, matt, mikami! All dead sexy! 
Least Favorite Character: Takada!   Stupid whore... *narrows eyes*
Would you use the Death Note? Why or why not? Hmmmm ... Me? NO of course not! *looks around with shifty eyes*  
Are you in favor of Kira's plan? Why or why not? NO, Kira is just a corrupt dictator who will end up killing everyone in the world except himself.. *grin*

The 3 links to the posts you have voted on:

Anything else?:
ur..   I am pretty much in love with all the characters in Death Note so i really don't mind who I turn out to be.  (execpt, Misa and Takada -_-) <3 

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