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mercurial_speed: Welcome Aboard! (Now Watch the In-fighting...)

WHO: Pietro, Attrition, Durante
WHEN: October 4, 2010 (mid-evening)
WHAT: Pietro brings Attrition home to the HQ where they run into Durante. Tempers flash. Foyer - Brotherhood Headquarters - Staten Island The foyer is a high-ceilinged and open area. Two rows of glass doors, one after the other, create sort of an antechamber before opening onto the foyer. A set of winding stairs leads up to the second floor; half way up they pause at a landing before turning back the same direction they cam in a space-saving measure. To the left of the doors in, a set of swinging double doors leads into the main office while a glassed-in lounge area can be seen off to the right, the glass frosted to allow some privacy within. Beside this area, a shallow set of stairs leads down to the annex area. Further along, past the stairs, the area splits off into three halls. One continues straight, leading back towards a set of back doors and another stairwell, while the other two lead off left and right. It's early evening when the black sedan pulls up to the Brotherhood headquarters; when Pietro opens the front doors of building, he lets a crisp breeze in on his heels. "So this is it, man," he says with a little gesture to the foyer, not bothering to turn around to make sure his companion is still behind him and within earshot. "You'll figure out the layout of this place pretty quickly." Now that he's back home, he removes his cap in one swift motion to reveal stark white hair, the pointed spikes of which have been crumpled a little by the hat. Attrition blinks before he shakes his head. "You know, I really need to get my hair cut where you do, or is that all good genes?" he asks before he looks around the campus. "Smoking alowed? Only in some places or frowned upon everywhere." he says as he takes off his own hat for a moment, letting it air out. Durante exits the cafeteria and starts towards the main entry, but stops as the other two enter. He spares only a hint of an annoyed glare to the younger of the two. Seeing the older stranger however he becomes more defensive and takes on a more combat ready pose. He is dressed in a dark brown cloth overcoat, rubber soled boots, and through the left open coat can be seen he is wearing a black shirt and matching sweat pants. His arms hang limp for the moment. Pietro gives a snort of laughter as he reaches up to scratch the back of his head. "'S all in the genes, man. Ugh, actually I /do/ need a haircut." As he spots Durante, however, his smile curdles a bit and turns rather wry; the glare that the other gives him seems to have little effect, though. "Stand down, man," he barks as he takes a few more steps into the foyer, pauses and looks back to Attrition. "He's cool. He's with us." Attrition frowns as he watches the boy get into fighting stance and he holds out his hand, even if it is a mistake he can knock the boy out of a fight without hurting him, he dosn't know if this other can do it to him. Then Pietro says his bit and he relaxes, nodding. "Ah, hey, nice place you got here. Nice boots too...call me, Hugo I guess." he says holding out his leather gloved hand with a glove that looks brand new save for the palm which looks worn and about to give out. Durante states coldly, "I'm not sure if I should take a reference to me and you being the same in any way as an insult or not Hubris." He stands down some, though his attention is more in the newcomer as though trying to judge for himself their value or loyalty. Durante doesn't reply to the greeting nor does he extend a hand, this seems more due to trying to figure if the newcomer is worthy of trust or not more then anger. Given the obvious anger in his voice towards the younger man. "Yeah, fuck off, man." Pietro shakes his head but it's difficult to tell whether he's more amused or exasperated at Durante's reply. "Well, you're /here/. We've got that much in common. Show some respect." Turning back to Attrition, he gives a word of explanation. "This is another one of the newer guys. Don't let 'im bother ya. He's... still gettin' used to how things work around here." Attrition just sort of blinks as his hand is left hanging before he raises his brow. "No seas pajero che?" he says holding his hand out more for emphasis as he gives a broad sort of grin. "I mean, its supposed to be called the brotherhood." Durante states, "I prefer competent sparring partners, not ones ruled by more hubris then brains. And I'll show it when you earn it." finally parting his heterochromatic gaze from Attrition to glare once more at Pietro. He then looks back to the newcomer and asks, "You'd shake hands with one who couldn't feel your grasp or walk about uncovered?" his right sleeve lifts as a human-like hand emerges looking perfectly normal at first glance aside from the fact his 'skin' has the coloring of exposed bone. Though with a closer look his knuckles lacks the customary wrinkles typically created by the folding of the skin when the joints are bent or straightened. "Yeah, I think that's part of what he hasn't got yet," Pietro says to Attrition with an unconcerned shrug. "Don't take it personal." As Durante replies, however, he blinks in mild surprise. Apparently he'd figured upon having the last word in the matter. "Look, Hot Shot," he says firmly, though his words are starting to speed up ever so slightly, "I'm not in the mood to get into this with ya. It was a training session. Be a man and let it /go/ already instead of whinin' about it, 'cause that's gettin' really old. I've had shit like that happen -- Hell, if you think that was bad, wait till you meet Marrow." He pauses, taking a breath and forcing his shoulders down a little. "And been here longer and seen a helluva lot more than you have, buddy. So I think that deserves a little of that respect. Remember, /you're/ the one still earning our respect here, newb." That said, he shoots a look to Attrition that's perhaps a little apologetic. "Anyway. Uh, the office is over there. Once you've figured out exactly what you wanna do, what your codename is and all that stuff, let 'em know. Also, talk to them if you wanna set up a room upstairs." Attrition nods lightly before he reaches out and grabs the boys hand. "I have no problem at all hermano if you don't. Unless that thing is gonna be contagious." he says as he pulls lightly and gives the boy a clap on the shoulder. He lets go and looks to the office with a nod. "Yeah, I could use a room here, and codename huh? They mind if I use my blogging name? Feal it describes me pretty well." Durante states, "Skill alone doesn't earn respect. Given what I've heard, I'd imagine Marrow has some common sense about how one spars properly. You determine limits before you go into anything extensive, you don't throw your best up front without concern for the other person's safety. You weren't sparring, you were showing off, and yet you call me the 'hot shot'." He then closes his eyes visibly to calm himself, almost as though entering a trance-like state. He then looks to the newcomer and says, "However Hubris has a point, there is no need to continue a personal dispute around one new to the ranks." He then looks positively shocked as he is jerked in for a pseudo-embrace, pulling back reflexively once released. However the draw away isn't due to being uncomfortable but instead he shows signs of defensive posture as though only time someone gets that close is in a fight or sparring match. A few moments later he smirks and says, "If your skin starts falling off you'll know. But no you're fine. Though frankly I'd rather have had my first real feeling of another person in four years to have been female." "What's that? The 'Attrition' thing?" Pietro shrugs his shoulders but gives it a moment's consideration all the same. "Might wanna check with 'em to make sure, though I don't really see why not. Actually, if you felt like it, you could always check right now since we're right here." It's quite obvious that he's trying to keep himself cool in front of the brand new recruit as he turns back to Durante, however. "/Christ/. Sounds to me like I'm not the one with a problem here. Let. It. /Go/, already. If you're that hung up on somethin' like that, it makes me wonder how much you can take out in the field. It's really kinda sad -- and not very fuckin' smart. I couldn't give a damn whether or not you like me. But I know things that you don't. I'm /respecting/ the fucking 'in-fighting' rules. Don't push me." That's concluded with a very firm glare but otherwise the speedster does, in fact, seem to be minding his manners. "And my name's Pietro." Attrition gives a small nod. "Might as well.." he says before he gives Durante that rugged sort of smile. "My mom says im pretty, suppose that will have to do. And really? I have a freind that would be all over you. You two be nice and I will introduce her to you" he says before he makes a small 'too hot' gesture. "Real spitfire girl, human but loves muties, thinks they are sexy." he says with a wink to Dur before he nods to Pietro. "Alright, be right back hermanos.... " he says as he heads over to registration. Durante states, "Thanks, however I prefer mutants, they can handle the risks better if something goes wrong." as he makes no reply to Pietro though obviously angered once more by something he said and makes his way for the main entry unless stopped. "See you around, man," Pietro says to Attrition as the new recruit heads off. He sounds as if he's trying to be as pleasant as he can while he's still obviously angry with Durante. And speaking of that particular member of the team, he doesn't make any move to stop him leaving. No, he just rolls his eyes at the histrionics.

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