пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

wet_primitive: Laughter

Yesterday the whole day was filled with uncontrollable laughter. it was a great day in fact. i was down in school for consultation then after that went town with mas, tiff and azie. azie and tiff went NLB then me and mas head down to town. met aidil for awhile then went to meet travis. we went down to rockys to chill and wait for crystal and kervon to come. we started to bitch and laugh our asses off. after that kervon and crystal and lynne came so we went yoshi to breakfast :D after that went down to spins to chill. mas left first. marc, abu, tif, lynne, azie and deborah came as well. many many people. then we started telling ghost stories, sleeping methods and everything under the moon. that travis scared the hell out of me with her armless ghost story and scared lynne with the bar chor mee ghost. OMG. marc started with his spasm and made us laugh like crazy. we all went down homeclub after that but azie, tif, deborah left instead. we chilled at homeclub for a while and saw a motherfucking asshole. wahahahah. travis and i were bitching like crazy already. i couldn't take it but that asshole was like crap. she literally was staring at us with her new hairstyle which resembles esplanade. i tell you it was damn funny. after that we all decided to head down to v.va, we saw her again and she childishly went "ahem". she was with this humongous size butch. oh no its horrible. we walked down to v.va while laughing like crazy. i don't nknow we couldn't stop laughing. when we reach there, we went in for awhile cause bell works there. ate and OH cafe, chilled for awhile and after that left for travis place. we literally went crazy at travis's. talking about ghost stories and jokes. bell came after. chilled for awhile more and left for home. It was laughing day i must say. "MAY I KNOW WHY YOU BEAT UP MY FRIEND" wahahahhahaha.

anyways we were at cine and we saw this three people.

this guy, he killed, rape and chop up girls in the 9pm show. end up he was chopped up himself. wahahahhaa. and then he came down to cine. hahahaahahaha.

okay bye i want to eat!

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