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nekoism: [SubaYasuKura] Our Love Story, pt. 2

Title: Our Love Story
Pairing: Subaru/Yassan/Ohkura
Genre: Romance-drama. AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: JSDFLSDFHKSJDFSD UPDATED AFTER 43859348534 DECADES. Do you guys still remember this story, this HanaDango plot lookalike? XDDD Semestral break (sort of) is fast approaching which means I'll have some spare time to finish my hanging fics. Say whee~! OUR LOVE STORY
Part One
Our Love Story
A SubaYasuKura fic
"Yasu." Subaru walks to the dining table where his friend's face rested and lays the plastic on it.
"I brought you something to eat." The black-haired man takes off his vest and signals on the plastic.
It takes a minute for Yasu to comply and retrieve the huge cup of instant ramen. He fills it to the midline, places a platter on top of the lid, then returns to his slumped position. Subaru takes his seat by his friend's right side.
Silence. Subaru shuffles his feet; Yasu closes his eyes and sighs deeply. They are feeling in each other for the right time to speak. The blonde lad opening the lid and getting a pair of chopsticks signals that five minutes had already lapsed. Subaru looks as Yasu sips on the salty soup.
"I'm sorry." He states as Yasu chewed on the noodles. "I'm sorry that's all I can afford." He expects no reply, so he prepares to walk to his room. Instead...
"You don't have to apologize. I'm not picky when it comes to food."
Subaru sighs, then smiles. At least Yasu speaks up now. "But hey," Yasu follows. "The ramen Tacchon bought for us when we went out hiking tastes better, ne?" "A-aa." Subaru nods in unstable agreement. It has been two weeks since Tadayoshi left for America.
Shibutani Subaru and Shota Yasuda are the most inseperable in their clique of three. He presumes it is because they share almost the same fate. Subaru's mother died giving birth to him, and his father - his worthless father - left him to the custody of his grandmother. For him, his grandmother was the kindest person to treat him despite her habit of smoking till her lungs dry up. Which was the main factor on why she left him. She developed lung cancer when Subaru was at a young age of 14. He cried and bawled his eyes out, but a comforting hand landed on his back. And he leaned on that most welcoming shoulder. It was his best friend's. Then and there, he knew his grandmother is still alive. And now that Yasu is suffering the very thing that made him weak, Subaru isn't someone to desert him. Yasu lies still. He thought Tacchon leaving them is the worst thing to happen, but it isn't. Aneurysm; tangle of leaky blood vessels in the brain.
It is the condition that killed his mother, his only living relative in that town.
"Yasu, talk to me. Please."
Subaru looks over Yasu who had tucked himself in a tight ball on his bed.
No response. He places a hand on Yasu's shoulder, but the bereaved shrugs it off and instead, holds the green pillow Tadayoshi gave him on his nineteenth birthday close to his chest. The clock rings at one in the morning, still he is vigilant by Yasu's bedside.
He doesn't want to leave him, the same way Yasu didn't leave him when he was the one suffering.
He never left him, even if he's pushing him away.
Seconds later, heartbreaking whimpers walk in Subaru's ears. "Tacchon... Mama..."
There are things he cannot force into someone, Subaru tells himself. But he cannot accept it wholeheartedly. Within the thick silence, he makes up his mind. he should find another job.
The siren of the construction site at a distance sends him an idea.
It is during loneliness, when he's away from home, that thoughts of being a misfit in Yasu's life pours out.
Yasu confronted him about leaving for his aunt's place that morning. His sorry self pleads for him to stay, as always, but what escaped from his lips are of the opposite.
"Do what you think is right. Company of true relatives is therapeutic."
"Is that what you think, Baru-kun?" Yasu's pout is still clear in his mind.
He wants to say it aloud, but...
"Maybe that's what Tacchon wants me to do too, don't you think?" Yasu cuts through.
Awful silence. He felt as if his heart was hit by lightning.
"Uhm, yes." He forces out the thick answer. "I'm speaking on his behalf, Yasu."
"Ah well." The shorter of them walks away. As he drowned himself in liquor, he still does not know what Yasu's final decision had been. Tacchon this! Tacchon that! Why can't Yasu recognize his efforts as HIS and not as some copy of that spoiled brat's previous actions? Despite all the things he do, Yasu still sees him as Tacchon. He doesn't see him as Subaru, that friend who have stuck with him through thick and thin. He's been there all along, unlike that spoiled brat who had been too self-centered that he didn't care on how they will feel on his departure. He is that friend who sacrificed a lot for their sake. That guy who... who loves him so much. He does not want recognition or a prize. Even a simple appreciation is enough. Just the fact that Yasu sees him as he is and not a shadow of a past that doesn't want him back is okay. Why can't Yasu give him that? The smell of illegality wafts thickly in his nostrils. It suffocates him, bit by bit.
"Oi oi! Pass the bottle!"
"I want another shot." He yells and raises his glass.
"You sure you can handle, kid?"
"Stop asking me that, jerk. I'm not a kid anymore. I can handle myself."
The liquor swishes against his glass. Subaru gulps it down like water, then raises his glass for another. He drank too much that evening.
He stirs, his head is a bit heavy and his body has the faintest trace of gin. It has been a week of constant alcoholism. "Good morning." Yasu walks in their room, carrying a tray of natto, rice and mayonnaise. "I made you breakfast." Subaru is speechless.
"You're working too hard, Baru-kun. This is my way of saying thank you." Yasu plops beside him, eyes intently waiting for his reaction.
"I... I don't know what to say." He mumbles. It was as if a new leaf has been turned and new wind has blown that day.
He stands and holds Subaru's hands which had grown more calloused. "C'mon. It's a weekend. You have to enjoy it once in a while."
Yasu's right; he's been too preoccupied with his jobs at the warehouse and the construction site over the past two months.
Now, with Yasu's hands holding his, his body feels lighter. The people applauds after hearing Subaru's rendition of a country song in a live bar. The black-haired guy steps down the stage; Yasu walks up to him. "I believe you can be a good singer, Subaru. Look at those people cheering for you! They can't get enough!" Unknown to the other, Yasu is the primary reason why he's still singing. The purikura camera flashes. The photo develops, drops flat at the side of that machine. Yasu eagerly looks at it and so does he. His smile fades. "I left a space for Tacchon. It's our friendship's eleventh anniversary, if you don't recall."
Subaru's strong kick sends cardboard boxes under his working table flying on all directions.
Good thing he had fought off the impulse to throw that mobile phone Tacchon gave Yasu a day before he threw them away.
He had seen everything; he had read every unsent letter, every email of longing, of storytelling, of wishing.| The distance between him and Shota in the pictures is clear at last.
He's been blind. Or more like, he is pretending to be blind all along. Friends are the first people who will understand one another, next to family.
One heart, one mind, one spirit. With that oneness, the other can strongly feel what the other is aching to tell.
But it was screaming at him... only that he didn't want to let go of it, of HIM.
His eyes fall on Yasu's smiling face. That instant, the realization that he's already family to Yasu dawns at him. Finally, he discerned that he has no more place in Yasu's life. Subaru knows in himself that he is also capable of bowing down, of giving way, of surrendering... upon proving that there's no more way around.
"Shibuya," his co-workers always commit that mistake about his name. "working overtime again?"
"I need this to pay off things at my place." Subaru replies as the construction siren blared. It's already four in the morning. Nothing like work to take his mind off things and to help him turn his plan to a reality.
"You're a very hardworking individual, but you should be more concerned with your health." His senior advises, "You look older than your actual age, son!"
He can't understand what followed, but the streetlights looked like distant, blurry stars.
He heard these loud, unstopping buzzing before everything faded into pitch black. A dull thud was magnified that gloomy Friday dawn.
Subaru's awareness heightens when arms hugged him from behind. In the middle of the darkness, he lightly touches the arm trailing down to the hands. "Yasu?"
"Everyone's leaving me. Don't tell me you would too, Baru-kun?"
It is evident that his voice is wearing this fear, this fear that his friend won't wake up just like what his mother did when she left him.
His hands find the warmth from those small, smooth ones.
"A-are you crying, Yasu?" Subaru tries to fight off the shaking of his own voice.
"I'm not." His friend's voice is shaky. Wetness formed on his shirt. He knows very well when Yasu lies.
"Are you going to leave me too, Subaru?" Yasu questions again.
"Of course I won't, Yasu. See here, I'm already awake. There's no way I will leave you." Good thing he is not looking straight at Yasu' gentle brown eyes. He was lying still, and he lied. That night, he has saved enough money to do what he's ought to. "I'm happy." With that said, Yasu drifts off into dreamland, with his hands cupping closely on Subaru's waist.
However, Subaru lay still, finalizing his decision.
Since Subaru's burnout of two days, Yasu continuously sleeps beside him on his bed, like a child who doesn't want to part with his mother. Except that night.
Yasu fell asleep in front of the television while watching his favorite rock variety show.
A click, and the television shuts off. Subaru trudges closer, drags a monoblock beside the sofa where Yasu reclined, and watches the sleeping soul silently. So it has come to this. He finally made up his mind. He realized things; he has to make someone realize it too. He kisses sleeping Yasu's cheek with the tenderness he didn't know exists in his being.
"Goodnight." He stands up, carrying with him a small backpack. The sound of wheels rolling across the wooden floor echoes behind his footsteps. The door closes, sealing off the miniscule light from the crescent moon. Maybe Yasu will wake up happier tomorrow morning.
Was it a good decision? Tadayoshi lays still on the red sofa, with books littering the coffee table. He'd stopped in the middle of his review, only to stare at that picture at the back of his dead phone for prolonged minutes. He'd shut off outside communication since he arrived in New York.
And they, they're happy and content with their lives... without me. I wasn't there after all. Four months, still he hadn't moved along. On his next blink, tears stream down his cheeks. He finally wakes up from his reverie upon hearing the continuous door bell. He wipes the traces of his loneliness and munches on another potato chip. "Why can't you wait, damn it!" His long body stumbles across the floor as he retrieved his gray slippers.
Still wearing the annoyed face, he opens the door widely.
His face turns white, as if he had seen a ghost standing by his doorstep. "S-Suba---"
A sharp blow lands on his left cheek.

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