пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

reignwaterburns: sand and shiny shade

questions from 1. How did you become such a fanatical sports fan? haha, mind boggling right? i blame my mother... ever since i was born, her and my father watched sports together. she was a true fanatic. she obtained a communications degree in college so she could work at a local sports television network in orlando, and later at fox sports south in dallas. during the last few years of her life she hardly ever left the house and it was one of the few things we could enjoy together. i've taken it pretty far since she passed away, and i will defend her beloved yankees until my own death (you should see my apartment... i have SIX framed pictures of yankee players on my walls, including lou gehrig [the disease that took my mom was lou gehrig's disease]). my favourites are (in order): baseball, football, tennis, the olympics, golf. also horseracing, jai alai (no one this far north knows what that is), poker. i really don't like basketball, hockey, or any college sports, but will usually watch the finals to stay in the know. 2. If you could spend a year living anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go and why? i'm going to surprise you and not say japan, since i KNOW i'll live there most of my life anyway. i would love to stay in nepal for a year! i'm fascinated with that part of the world, its culture, history, religion, and food. plus it's bordered by india which is another country i've been dying to visit! 3. Who is your favorite artist? i'm assuming you mean art artist (and not musician artist.) i've always liked bouguereau, i'm fascinated by anyone that could paint THAT WELL. i also dig a lot of contemporary stuff by artists like souther salazar, amano yoshitaka, heisuke kitazawa ("pcp"), mizuno junko, and others. oh and i'm really high on a virtually unknown artist named dan-ah kim whose painting "because one day you'll be mine" made me bawl my eyes out when i saw it! i mean, look at this:
it's like the saddest thing i've ever seen! 4. What is your favorite way to de-stress? if you asked me this a few months ago i would've said, smoke a bowl! but now it's walking around on state street... i don't think it will ever lose its charm for me, i'm always finding new stores and places to eat. 5. What's your most cherished childhood memory? this is easy. definitely fall in florida, playing flag football with my brother in our backyard. or making hot chocolate and decorating for halloween. i was probably 10, my brother 8. my childhood went waay downhill after age 13... it was all drugs, cutting, bad grades and casual sex. but those few precious autumns... i want them back.

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