пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

nomelon: So... Supernatural 3.1

New Winchesters! Squee! Good, solid episode. Good set up for things to come. They aren't peaking too soon, they aren't having the boys fight too much, or cry too much, or resolve too much right away. COULD NOT HAVE HAD A BETTER OPENING SEQUENCE: Sam sitting all alone, trying to figure out a way to save Dean, while Dean's in the room getting laid, but MAKING SURE THAT SAM CAN SEE HIM. I'd love to know what that natural, beautiful act was that Sam walked in on. Hee! That knife that that blonde chick had was a bit too easy, no? Perhaps Samuel Colt threw it together with bits and pieces he had left lying around after making that gun. Perhaps he might have mentioned that earlier and saved the Winchesters a whole lot of trouble in season 2. And blonde chick? So going to get it on with Sam. And it will probably be disastrous. And Sam will become celibate because he will no longer trust his penis not to be the forerunner for awful and gruesome female downfall and death. No more sex with girls ever. He should be penpals with Xander Harris and the two of them could write longwinded letters about who has the worst lovelife and how they keep ending up in bickering, buddy-buddy type relationships with their incredibly annoying, but dashingly handsome room-mates. The seven deadly sins was interesting, but how come they can suddenly take on seven demons all at once when before one was nearly too much for them to handle? Maybe 17 cities worth won't be so tough after all... I love how Dean ends up making out with Lust. I was waiting for him to get into the Impala at the end of a hard night's work and his all-important conversation with Sam (which I'm glad they had, but figured it was a little... off, somehow. At least Dean's side of it.) and say, 'Dude, I totally made out with Lust.' Bobby without his hat! It does come off! (Where is Ellen?) Sam wins this episode. And he just can't wait to be king.
I may have to start purchasing episodes weekly online. They do do that, right? The thought of waiting and getting spoiled is just... No. Do not want. I'm doubting my writing again. I have new chapters mostly written of my wips, a couple more fics practically done, and I'm looking at them all in mild derision. I can see so clearly how I want them to be in my head, but they get all squinchy when I want to put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking. I've been thinking about doing a writing class but 1) I can't squeeze any more into my week. Just can't. And 2) They'd probably want me to write stuff that wasn't gay, incestuous, fanfictional pornography. I'm starting to seriously think that it's to do with my lovely womany cycle. Seriously. I have a week or two where the words just fly out of me, all easy and delightful, then everything comes to a grinding halt. When in doubt, blame cycle. </ self-indulgent grumbles> Yesterday evening my sister and I had an impromptu late night opening shopping evening. Easy on the shopping, heavy on the going for bread and oils and tapenade and herbal tea and brandy and another brandy. So glad I did it. It's been too long since I did something spontaneous like that during the week, if only to prove to myself that I had a life outside rushing home to watch my new Supernatural!

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