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ridethesainted: Because I can't sleep

First CD you ever owned: I do believe I received my first two cds on the same day at the same time. It was the Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack and The Best of CCR First Concert: Blur and The Cranberries before either of them were famous I might add Best Concert: Peter Gabriel during the first leg of the Growing Up Live Tour, second might have to be a tie between Oasis doing the secret gig thing at The Warehouse and Love and Rockets on the lift tour at the guvernment Best Opening Act: err tough one as I generally skip opening acts unless I am there specifically to see them so lets go with The Arctic Monkeys opening up for Oasis Band/Musician you have seen in concert most often: Tie: Oasis 7 times, Arctic Monkeys, REM and Richie Hawtin are tied at 4 times each. Then there are the great many tied at 2 and 3 Ever been to a music festival? Coachella
EdenFest(seriously I remember like half the artists but it was the cure, love and rockets, the buzzcocks, stabbing westward, porno for pyros, ani difranco, etc to be fair i only remember like 10 bands and sadly love and rockets are not one of them)
Area 1 and 2
Creamfields Favorite Soundtrack: Hackers ... no seriously.....for real Song that brings back a lot of childhood memories: lots of irish folky stuff Song that drove your teenage hormones crazy: Love and Rockets - Ghosts of the Multiple Feature Song that makes you cry: Danny Boy Your Class Song: err dont belieeve we had one If you are in a relationship, what is your song? Oasis - Songbird Music that makes you feel old: Rush Musician that you feel was ahead of their time: Brian Eno Band/Musician you don't really listen to but respect as an artist: the ramones Band/Musician you really want to see preform live: very few left on the list mostly bands that have broken up or will never tour. Brian Eno, Phillip Glass, Brett Anderson, Ian Brown, Primal Scream, The Happy Mondays Band/Musician that is either no longer living or preforming that you would have loved to have seen back in the day: The Stone Roses, Suede, The Clash, Joy Division Most overrated reunion tour: The Police Band/Musician you can't stand: Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Panic at the disco, the killers, the hives, blur If you could be any musician, who would you be? David Bowie Favorite driving music: Underworld.....I drive mostly late at night when i 'drive' Favorite music for sex: Suede, the entire debut album just trust me on this one Musical guilty pleasure: ......I don't have any.........okay well maybe........kylie Favorite Female Artist: Esthero Favorite Male Artist: tie: peter gabriel and david bowie Favorite Rock Band: Oasis Favorite Jazz Musician: Miles Davis (hangs head in white boy shame) Favorite Rapper: Kardinal Offishal, k-os, mike skinner(the streets), dizzy rascal Favorite Country Musician: Wilco? Favorite Lead Singer: Ian Brown or Maxi from the prodigy Favorite Lead Guitarist: Noel Gallagher or John Squire Favorite 70's Band/Musician: Velvet Underground/Patti Smith/Television/David Bowie/MC5/Kraftwerk
Favorite 80's Band/Musician: The Clash/The Smiths/New Order/The Stone Roses
Favorite 90's Band/Musician: Underworld/Oasis/The Verve/Suede
Favorite 00's Band/Musician: Kasabian/Arctic Monkeys/Metric/Stars/Ladytron What are you listening to right now? Daft Punk - Face to Face

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