четверг, 4 октября 2007 г.

greenoctober24: its the little things

I have no idea how Mark treated his past girlfriends, but i know he treats me like a woman should be treated. He is a gentleman, a protector, and he is sensitive. I see him as being very self-actualized, and i am fascinated by his intelligence. But mostly, i am happy with the way he treats me and acts around me. I have yet to be admired and appreciated in the way that he does. He calls me when he says he will, he listens to what i have to say and if I have a problem or issue he tries his best to work on it or says/does something to relieve my worries. He respects my opinions, but isn't afraid to intelligently disagree. He notices the little things and isn't afraid to point out an awkward or embarassing moment as to prevent the embarassment. Oh then there are the little things. He calls me sexy. He likes my giggles. He tells me how all the little unique mannerisms and quirks that i have make him smile. He loves them, he says. He kisses my neck and whispers sweet nothings into my ear. He spoons me all night long and enjoys it. His eyes his smile his words, they all drive me absolutely crazy when he is around. In bed... my god. He can pleasure me in ways i didn't think were possible. He knows what he is doing. He brings out the freak in me, too. He always makes sure to wear a condom. He embraces that i have a wild side inside of me. No judging. . He calls me silly. He is silly too. He strokes my hair when i'm sitting down. Ah, i'm sure this list will grow as time goes on....

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