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squallfan1_fics: Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children fandom

Title: Obsession
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children
Characters: Cloud, Elena, Tifa, Vincent, Barret, Cid, Reno, Rude, Tseng, Rufus, others.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: M/F, Oral, Language, Bondage ect...
Summary: *Rewritten and Reposted* Sequel to 'Love Potion' Elena wants Cloud, and he starts to give in, but for what reason? *Must read first story to know whats going on.*


Chapter 6
House Guest


"Just come and pick me up in the morning, Reno. Don't be a dick!" Elena snapped, holding the phone in a tight grip as she paced the floor. In her spontaneity, she had wanted to ride Cloud's Fenrir, but hadn't thought about the consequences of leaving her car at headquarters at the time.

"It's not my fault you rode lover boy's bike instead of taking your car," Reno teased mercilessly. "Have the sex machine give you a ride."

"He's not here anymore," she sighed, still hurt that he had left. She couldn't understand why he was turning hot, then cold on her. It just didn't make sense. He hadn't spoken much after he got out of the shower, and every time she tried to talk to him he just kept saying that he had to leave.

"Another fuck and run, huh?" Reno chuckled, succeeding in infuriating her further.

"Asshole! You're such a worthless piece.."

"Whoa there!" he shouted to cut off her angry rant. "Now that's cold. Don't be such a bitch, I was just joking."

She pinched the bridge of her nose as she sat on the couch, feeling the start of a headache. It wasn't the first time the redhead had caused her to have one. Taking a deep cleansing breath, she closed her eyes to continued. "Come on, Reno. Could you please just pick me up? You're the closest one to my place and if I'm late, Rufus will tear me a new one."

"Fuck.....Alright, but now I have to get up earlier to drive to your place, and you know I'm not a morning person, rookie," Reno said, sounding put out.

She squeezed her eyes closed with the 'rookie' remark, but held her tongue about it. "Thanks, Reno. I owe you one."

"Yeah, yeah. Just be ready when I get there," he said then got eerily silent for a moment before he spoke again. "About the boss...He wanted to know why you left early today, Elena, and he wasn't happy about it."

"Shit," she hissed, feeling her stomach drop.

"Shit is right," he said, and he actually sounded concerned for her. He wants to talk to you first thing in the morning."

The line cut and she hung up the phone with a deep sigh, closing her eyes with a weary groan. "He's gonna kill me," she muttered to herself, laying her head back to relax as her headache became worse. She had been in the presence of the boss several times when he was displeased with her, and it wasn't a pleasant position to be in. It seemed her spontaneity had come back like a vicious dog to bite her in the ass, and it's name was Rufus Shinra.

She began to doze off, thoughts of Cloud calming and relaxing her until a distant rumble of a distinct engine perked her from her nearing slumber. It was Cloud's Fenrir, she knew it in an instant. Picking herself up off the couch, she nearly stumbled to get to the door. By the time she was on the porch he was pulling in her driveway, the dust from the road settling in his wake. Frozen where she stood, she watched him come to a halt, shutting the engine off as he turned his attention on her.

He stayed silent as he put the kickstand down to hold up the massive motorcycle, keeping his shades on as he stared intently at her. His expression was emotionless, and he seemed content to just sit on his bike. Elena's eyes trailed to the bag the was strapped to the back, her lips curving into a soft smile. 'He's come back to stay.'

"Are you staying this time?" she called out to him, needing to hear it with her own ears.

"If you'll have me," he answered then looked away from her, facing toward the sunset. Barefoot, she walked over, watching his back that was solid and tense. When she reached him she put her arms around him, resting her chin on his shoulder. In seconds he melted, the stiffness leaving his body. "Tifa found out," he said softly, keeping his eyes averted toward the setting sun.

She hugged him tighter, pressing her lips to his neck. "I have you all to myself now," she murmured.

"I don't love you, Elena," he said with brutal honesty.

"You'll grow to eventually and I can wait. Until then, you can fuck me sore," she purred against his ear, and chuckled when she felt him tremble with it. He pulled her close, finally turning his head to ravage her neck with lips and tongue. The heat between her legs was instant as his hand slid inside the robe she was wearing, cupping her breast. She laughed huskily, gasping with his hot touch. 'Good thing I live in the middle of nowhere,' she thought as he attacked her eager body. "Cloud, let's go inside," she managed through a soft moan.

He ignored her, pulling her on the bike in front of his body so she was resting against him. "Straddle the seat," he grunted in her ear. She complied, breathing faster when he roughly opened the front of her robe. His leather clad hands fondled her breasts, and his mouth clamped to the side of her neck to suck hard enough to leave a mark. The stinging pain made her hiss softly and a whimpering gasp followed when leather covered fingers grazed over her aroused sex.

Her senses were assaulted, sounds and sensations leaving her in a state of dazed pleasure. The creak of leather, the ticking sound of the cooling engine, her own panting breath and growing sighs of passion. Cloud's own breath was coming faster against her neck. The setting sun was warm, a light breeze blowing over her, drying the light perspiration that was forming on her body.

"Spread your legs more," he whispered in her ear.

'The things this man can do to me,' she thought, lifting both her legs to support her feet on the handlebars, spreading her knees further apart. Gloved fingers slid inside her womanhood, thrusting slow. Her hips rocked with it, moving as best she could atop the bike, using his body to keep her upright. The hand that was pleasantly caressing her breast stopped, his arm wrapping around to support her instead as his fingers suddenly got more aggressive.

"Come for me, Elena," he told her, his voice soft and commanding. Her legs quaked when the orgasm swept through her, her wail of pleasure echoing off into the distance. She slowly caught her breath, enjoying the feel of his strong body cradling her like a protective barrier. A slow moan passed her lips when he pulled his fingers free, the emptiness making her crave more of his talents.  "Ready to go inside now?"

She smiled and cuddled up closer to him. "In a minute. I want to sit here a little longer." He remained quiet and just held onto her as night began to fall. Elena looked up at the stars, thinking she had never been so content and happy in her life. She let herself enjoy the intimate moment, feeling the rise and fall of his chest against her back as he breathed. "What are you going to do about your delivery service?" she asked, breaking the silence after a time.

"I guess I won't have it anymore, unless I just move my business elsewhere." He didn't sound concerned, even to his own ears. After what he did to Tifa, nothing else mattered. Tifa would never take him back and he couldn't blame her. She deserved better than him. He didn't love this woman, this Turk that used to be an enemy, but maybe she was right. He could fall in love with her, given enough time.

"I've just thought of something," she said, sitting up and nearly bouncing like an excited child.


She threw her leg over and slid off the bike, not even bothering to refasten her robe, the moonlight giving him a clear view of her body and obvious excitement. "Come work for Rufus. Become a Turk."

He looked at her like she was a new form of life that he didn't quite trust. After the initial shock of her absurd comment set in, he spoke. "What?! Are you joking?"

"No, Cloud. You'd be a great asset to the Turks. Rufus would jump at the chance to hire you." Cloud shook his head as he climbed off the bike, unstrapping his bag with a humorless laugh. "Cloud, come on," she said as she followed him toward the house and inside, shutting the door and locking out the darkness of the night. She turned on the nearest lamp and turned back to him with a look of eagerness. "Just think about it at least. I need a ride tomorrow anyway and you can talk to Rufus then."

"I think I rattled your brain with that last orgasm." He tossed his bag on the floor and sat on the sofa. "Elena, I can't be a Turk. What the hell are you thinking?

"I'm thinking very clearly, lover." Her smile was seductive and he turned his head away from it with a sense of foreboding. "And why couldn't you be a Turk?"

He could even hear the smile in her voice. "Look, I don't want to talk about this."

"The Turk's have changed, Cloud. Rufus has changed. Think about it," she purred and was straddling his lap. Before he could speak she was kissing him lightly on the lips and unzipping his shirt. "Do I have to persuade you?" Her fingers meticulously toyed with his nipples. Her teeth nibbled his bottom lip in a deliciously teasing way that matched the work her hands were doing to his body.

His breath was strained with lust as she magically seemed to pull him in again. "Elena,...I can't," he persisted breathlessly.

"Sure you can. A hero like you can do anything." Her open robe slid off her shoulders, sliding to the floor over his feet. She ran her tongue over his lips and he parted them for her, allowing her inside. Her hips ground against him, and his cock that was already stirring to life got painfully hard.

"I'm no hero. I'm just a man who had a lot of luck on my side." He swallowed thickly as he tried to keep his thought clear, but the more she touched him, the foggier his mind got.

"So modest, lover." Her nude body slid to the floor before him, her small and swift hands unfastening his pants to unleash his arousal. Those small hands went to work, her soft palms like silk along his shaft as she stroked slowly. "What do you say, Cloud? Are you going do it? Are you going be a Turk?" Her voice was so soft, like her hands. He blocked out her questions as he closed his eyes, just focusing on the physical attention. A displeased sigh, and the incredible feel of her work left him.

"Elena, don't stop!" He looked at her pleadingly and in that instant a disturbing thought struck him. 'She's making me beg. She has this much control over my emotions. Is this the way it was going to be with her always?' She licked up along the underside of his shaft to show him what was in store and he groaned with desire.

"Answer my question and I'll keep doing this," she said, wrapping her mouth around his throbbing erection, bobbing her head a few times and moving back away again.

The inner struggle was maddening as he continued to fight her influence. Something that should be so easy to say no to was becoming harder by the second. "Alright," he relented, his eyes closed tightly as he mentally cursed his weakness, but he continued. "I'll talk to Rufus....just please..."

"That's not what I asked, Cloud," she teased slowly, blowing on his erection to make it jump. She watched his struggle for control, secretly smiling as she patiently waited for the answer.

"Yes." His face twisted as he said it, giving away his distress about the situation. She knew he would see things her way, once he got into the job. She would just have to assure him.

"Yes what?"

"I'll be a Turk."

"Are you just saying that so I'll suck you off?" she asked, flicking her tongue across the head, making him groan in frustration.

"Elena..please. Why are you doing this?"

"Because, I know it's right." Her voice was soft with promise and he looked into her eyes. "Promise me, Cloud, and I'll take care of you...always."

'I don't love her, but I can learn to.' As he thought this, he felt the last of his resistance slip away. "I promise."

"You don't know how happy you've made me, Cloud."

"Then show me." And she did, the warmth of her mouth engulfing him and taking him to the pleasure she had so teasingly promised.

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