среда, 3 октября 2007 г.

catherineting: Photoshoot

Finally the day for Photoshoot. Have been excited for so long. So excited that I was actually awake at 330am..  :s
As what most of the girls will do, went for mani & pedi the nite before. So far, this is my most expensive mani & pedi session ($170). Ahya, like what May say.. twice a lifetime mah.. (second time will be before wedding day lor)

Jessie was my MUA. Very nice lady. Showed her roughly what i want from downloaded pics and magazines, and she try as much as possible to accomodate to my style. So far, I m feel very comfortable with her.
Sam was our photograher. Haha, damn funny guy. Always call himself  "uncle" and call me "girl", when he's not that old. His assistant, Weijie, also very nice young chap. Will help to make us smile & make us relax. 
Nicholas, our "kah-gia". Serve drinks, take candid shots, buy chicken rice lunch, carry our bags, props-man, and of cos, do what he's always good at -- keeping us entertained.  =D

Studio shoot
4 gowns. 4 different look
The first look, both of us very stiff. Guess Sam had quite a hard time making us pose. Slowly, we are more relaxed and build up more 默契. My problem is my double chin and his problem is eyes not big enough. Haha..

2 venues
We chose the Church - where we first know and "saw" each other 14 years ago during the [Breakthru' Camp]. But we didn't start dating until 6 years later. The Church is also where we both grow up together, be it physically or spiritually.
East Coast Park - the place where our courtship began. The place where he first held my hand. 
We didn't went to the exact place though. But Sam brought us to the place where we could capture some nice shots. Felt bad that he got "attacked" by the ants in the bush. But he still endured the pain and continue to shoot, as we were rushing before the sun set and sky turned dark. See his professionalism.

We wrapped up the whole day at about 730pm. We are not as tired as we expected, probably becos we didn't run to alot of places. Jason & I are both very thankful cos everything went well. Next Tue we will be able to view and select our photos!  =D

View candid shots @ http://jascat.multiply.com

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