среда, 3 октября 2007 г.

ellawitch: movies #76 - #77

76. material girls - i was just curious. i wanted to see if it was as bad as i thought it would be. it wasn't as bad as i thought but that's doesn't mean it's good. but it was a short movie. short and nothing of real substance. oh well, i have wasted my time watching worse. i only made it through 10 minutes of Bloodrayne. now that was alot worse. 

77. miami vice - now i admit, this movie seemed to be more involved in looking good than making sense  but oh well. it wasn't that bad. although i was very distracted by colin farrell's porn mustache. it was very distracting. there were some odd camera choices i thought (like the repeated closeups into the one guys beard which just kinda creeped me out). the music was good though. and it had a slick look. but like i said, there were alot of things that just didn't make sense. but oh well. like with material girls, there are worse ways i have wasted time. it was late and i had insomnia.

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