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cob_web: Interests Meme

picked 7 interests for me to explain. If you like me to pick 5 of yours please comment here. My interests have not been updated for a while... assemblage 23
A Band I like. I've not listened to them for a while actually. I don't know proper musical terms. A23 are EBM I think(?) - easy listening industrial I call it :D grigori
for a long time I was pretty much obsessed with Storm Constantine (she is still my favourite author but I can now read OTHER AUTHORS, LOL). Grigori are one of her races - fallen angels. Its a long time since I read the grigori trilogy! grissecon

More Storm stuff! These are all things/charachters from her Wreaththu series - a post apocalyptic world where humanity has been eclipsed by wraeththu, a hermaphrodite race. Grissecon is sex-magic, Pellaz and Thiede are two of the main characters. vivi
Vivi is a Final Fantasy character. I have never played FF but spent a lot of tiem watching MAtt do so. I fell in love with Vivi. If you are on facebook Vivi is my picture. He is so cute, and I even managed to get hold of a cuddly toy of him! vnv nation
Another band I like. similar genre to A23 but harder. Seen them a couple of times live. Very good.

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