пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.


Hello, it is I, the Incredibly Slack. Actually, probably not incredibly slack, just amazed to find that it's Friday and I have nothing to do except sit around reading a book and waiting for my sister to phone. After the madness of the last three days, this is a very nice thing. The appointment at the gynaecologist yesterday was a bit of a fiasco. When I arrived, they didn't know anything about me or an appointment - after much scrabbling around they discovered that my appointment was an hour later than we'd been told. So we (Arni's Dad and I - Arni couldn't get the time off work) had to go and have a cup of hot chocolate (damn :P ) in the hospital café while waiting for my turn. Then the doctor was running really behind, so I didn't actually get in till 40 minutes later (and even then I got seen by one of her colleagues, who was helping take up some of her slack). She checked my blood pressure, felt my belly to see where the baby was, and then did an echo to see if she could spot any reason why he wasn't engaged yet (I dunno, maybe because he hasn't had a chance to meet any girls yet? ar ar ar :P )(Heh. He just gave me a hefty kick - guess he doesn't appreciate my warped sense of humour :P ). Anyway...no sign of anything wrong. He's head down, his heartbeat is strong, and the placenta looks normal. He kicked his feet about and wiggled his fingers, so he doesn't appear to be distressed or anything. The midwife did tell me that they probably wouldn't be able to add anything other than "nothing appears to be wrong, keep an eye on stuff and if your waters break, lie down and call the midwife immediately", and that's exactly what they said. The only thing extra was just a warning that if he still wasn't engaged when I went into labour, then a gynae would probably attend the birth as well as the midwife. Fine by me! I don't care, as long as he gets here safe and sound. Good thing I'm already signed up to go into the hospital. When it came time to measure the Wee Beastie, the doctor had problems getting an accurate measurement, so he kept registering as only being 30 weeks along - in the end, she called in the other doc who managed to get a more accurate measurement that was a bit closer to the 37 weeks we expected :P Don't know why - probably just that they each had different techniques and it's hard to get a good head section when the baby's upside down... Anyway. All looks good, which is reassuring. Had my last pregnancy class last night, in which we learned some exercises to do after the birth to re-strengthen stomach and pelvic floor muscles. We all laughed our arses off when we tried to do the ones that strengthen the oblique stomach muscles - we were supposed to reach across to each knee in turn using the opposite hand, but no one could get anywhere near their knees because of our huge tummies - was hilarious to see us all try :P I was the most "senior" one there last night because the other girl who's due a week before me couldn't make it (her husband wasn't home from work in time - a bummer, cos I wanted to wish her well with her birth). I suddenly realised that there's only 2,5 weeks before WB is due - yikes! This has really crept up on me. Am a bit spun out. I think this calls for hot chocolate and a good book, and much lounging about in the attic in front of the History channel :P Nothing much else to report anyway, so I'm going to put some milk on to warm up for mah hot chocolate :D Joepie!

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