понедельник, 8 октября 2007 г.


While working in Japan, I met JD the music producer, who showed me his myspace page that was friended by over four thousand users, with big names like Modonna on top of the list. Wow. But then when I looked at what he wrote, well... there were only around six posts in total, short ones, too. And almost no one commented on his entries.

Two years ago when I friended (well, added to my list) , he had around 1500 readers. He posts at least twice a day (long entries, too), and they usually came up with 70 to 100 replies. He now has 2600 readers and publishes a web comic. His posts have a wide range of subject, from American politics, book reviews, random thoughs, juicy sex filled stories, embarrassing moments, etc.

Very fun. What's more, he often asks his readers to answer a specific question, such as "what is your most embarrassing sex story", and the 150+ replies he generated was awesome.

Started reading her blog two or three years ago. She writes in a clear and discriptive way, paying special attention to the details that make her life more real. I remember one of her posts was about sitting on the roof talking with her brother, looking at the neighbors porches while smelling the acrid smell of burning bodies.

bbs.wretch.cc / P_Teensy
Technically it's a board not a blog, but its contents are similar. Teensy is a writer, and he posts stories he had published, usually with horror or fantasy themes based on Chinese mythology... plus what's happening in his life and such. On a pretty well known board like his, many of the entries are written by passerbys, and there are a lot of interaction between people.

Sometimes arguements appear. Those are the best, as they sometimes become pretty ugly.

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