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tongzhiai: taiwanese boys are something, you know?

Somebody else in the universe has written Jiro x Danson. To celebrate, I wrote some, too. With extra Chord. And Shun, because isn't Shun just insultingly good-looking? a new yesterday
danson/jiro, chord, shun, rest of dong cheng wei (sorta). before anybody was famous. pg-13. Chord meets Jiro when Jiro is Dong, just Dong, and Chord is He Xian. They look rock and they talk rock, and Chord meets Jiro's band and Jiro meets Chord's band, and they discuss songs and music until like 3 AM. The next time they meet, they talk about something else instead. "So what do you do?" Chord asks. "I go to school," Jiro says as Shun next to him lights up. "Art school," Shun adds. "Fashion design," Jiro says, looking down as if he's sort of embarrassed. "And I model." "That's cool," Chord just says. He doesn't judge. "You have the face for it." "Yeah," Shun says. "We're gonna be huge if this pretty boy here gets his face an album cover." Jiro laughs and in retrospect the irony will be all kinds of sad, but just then it's really funny. * Jiro has his school friends and modelling friends and sometimes he brings them together, and it's weird to sit next to a really stunningly beautiful girl, Chord thinks, and it's even weirder that there's a boy even more stunning right across the table. "What was your name again?" he asks the boy, who's sitting there looking cool with a drink in hand, listening to Jiro's conversation with Shun but not really responding. "Tang Yu Zhe," the boy says and reaches a hand to shake Chord's. "Jason," Jiro adds. "Danson," Yu Zhe corrects. "He hasn't decided yet," Jiro says with a smile. "I'm not famous yet, I have time," Danson says. "My mom likes Danson, maybe you should go with that," Jiro says. "And you're doing an MV next month, you're almost famous." Danson makes a face. "Don't jinx it!" Chord just watches the two of them, and then asks Danson about music, and finds Danson can sing - or thinks he can sing. Danson listens to the same bands they do, and some crappy pop ballads, and foreign R'n'B but by the end of the evening, but there's a brain behind that pretty face, and by the end of the evening, Chord can talk to him about anything. * There's a TV show and there's an agency and there's talk about a boyband, too. Jiro's in, Danson's nearly in and when Jiro gets off the phone with one of the executive types, Chord finds that he's also in. "Wow," he says. "It's not like, confirmed or anything but they really want to meet with you," Jiro says with a smile. "You can act, right?" "How hard can it be?" Chord jokes. KO One is not Shakespeare. Thank God. * They're going out to eat and Jiro and Danson are late. The rest of the band hasn't arrived, either - him and Shu are waiting. Shu (still Xiu back then) stares at his own hands on the table and clears his throat. "So you know like, how Jiro doesn't have his own place in the city?" "Yeah." "And how he lives with his mother?" "Yeah." "And how when we're out on town til something like 1 AM and the trains are no longer running.." Chord raises an eye-brow. "Yeah?" "And Jiro can't afford a taxi, nor can he like, go home anyway because he has to shoot something in the morning.." Shu raises his eyes from the table. "Where do you think he goes?" "I never thought about it," Chord says honestly. "Danson has his own place." "Oh yeah?" Chord asks, then thinks. "Hey, you have your own place, too!" "Yeah," Shu says sardonically. "And I'm Jiro's best friend. So what do you think that means?" Chord thinks about it, and then the rest of the guys (some who brought girls, this is fine, they got seats) and Danson and Jiro show up, and Chord doesn't have to think about it any more. He looks at Shu and Shu just grins, and puts an arm around Jiro's shoulders. "Okay, bro's, let's order," he says and Danson nudges Chord to order. "What took you so long?" Chord asks Danson, who just grins. "We met up with Jiro and I was wearing the same shirt he was so I went and changed it." "It's so weird when that happens," Jiro says with a laugh. "I love it that you guys pay attention to what you're wearing," one of the girls says - Chord struggles with her name, but Ming has his arm around her so he guesses they're dating. Shu looks at Chord again and Chord rolls his eyes. He gets it, he gets it. He doesn't understand why he didn't get it before. * Jiro isn't really gay, and neither is Danson. In this business - and fuck, how did this ever become their business, it's beyond Chord - you're not really gay because if you were gay, that's all you would be. Gay. There are opportunities in that area, sure, but if you want to make money, you're not gay. You're just not gay. Jiro's a rockstar so he can't be gay, and then Jiro's an idol and he definitely, definitely can't be gay. "You're my best friend," Danson tells Chord once and Chord wants to correct him, no, Jiro's your best friend. "Thanks," he just replies, because in the end Jiro's not Danson's best friend, Jiro's Danson's boyfriend and as weird and secret as that is, it's also fact. You can't be in the business and be homophobic because that guy who does Chord's hair on X-Family is flaming and that photographer who does the publicity shots lives with another woman (open secret) and that guy who dresses Jiro for the drama, his boyfriend runs a gay club in Taipei and ... Well, you get the idea. * They're famous, it hits Chord when he's out buying shampoo and a girl grabs his jacket sleeve and doesn't let go. Even when he asks. He's very flattered, until her friend wants to know about Danson and he's suddenly afraid they'll mug him and steal his phone to call Danson and that's when he calls his sister to buy her some shampoo, and leaves the store. "It's getting huge," his agent tells him, and Shu calls him, irritated that he just met up with the band for some dinner and there were girls who stayed outside the restaurant the whole time. "Welcome to fame," Chord tells him with a laugh. "Fuck that," Shu says. "Why did they stay outside? Isn't rock stardom supposed to guarantee you some pussy?" Chord doesn't think about Danson and Jiro. "I guess it's supposed to. Good luck with it, dude." "None of them were even hot," Shu complains and hangs up. * The weird thing is that it doesn't end. They do another album and another drama and Jiro isn't in Dong Cheng Wei and while it's sad, it's life and it's something they all come to accept soon enough. Danson does a movie and Fahrenheit does a tour and there are moments when Danson breaks down and has a talk with Chord about quitting everything or just breaking free and they never mention it but Chord knows. But somehow they push through. "I don't have time for a girlfriend," becomes the magic mantra and Chord doesn't have time for a girlfriend, either, but he has one because he needs one. He needs her, even if they can't see each other for a week. He gets it, gets why Jiro hasn't let go of Danson and Danson hasn't let go of Jiro. It doesn't end because as weird as it is, Chord would know if it would end.

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